To Dash or To Splash?

August 18, 2010

For the heck of it, I took this photo:

Nothing special, right? Well, I decoded to use the free Dash of Color app from the iPhone app store to touch it up and make it a bit more special:

Nice dash of color, eh? Unfortunately, I had a difficult time staying within the lines – I felt like my four-year-old daughter! I couldn’t pan or zoom for more fine editing. And when I saved the finished picture, the quality noticeably depreciated – the previous, ah, masterpiece was now an unappealing blur.  Plus, it’s a lot smaller. I couldn’t tell if the female pedestrian on the right was coming or going.

So I shelled out two smackeroos for the ColorSplash app. After viewing the several built-in introductionary (is that a word?) videos via the app, I was able to quickly zoom in and color (easily within the lines!) to get this:

ColorSplash’s picture is obviously a LOT better in quality. Details aren’t blurred like in Dash of Color’s picture. And I was able to do the coloring a lot quicker in ColorSplash – well, once I viewed the videos from within the app.

My advice? Shell out the two dollars and get ColorSplash.

Side note: there’s a beautiful finger in ColorSplash’s tutorial videos. My nail-bitten, cuticle-mauled finger could never be in a tutorial video.


One Response to “To Dash or To Splash?”

  1. verbatimit Says:

    I visited. I read. I write.

    Thanks for the spot of color note. So the program strips color then you can add it back.

    Full stop. New subject.

    Do you do captions for your videos?


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