iOS 5 Tip: Swipe Camera to see Photo Roll

October 14, 2011

A very cool, mostly overlooked feature introduced by iOS 5 is the ability to quickly see your photo roll within the camera app by just swiping right on top of the camera view.

That’s right. Take a picture then swipe right. You’ll them see your most recent photo. Swipe right again to view progressively older photos, or swipe left at the last photo to return to camera view.

I know, the photo roll icon is right there – but c’mon, this is cooler. Seems to work only within the camera app itself and not when other apps use the camera.

(And yes, I’m blatantly using the screenshots to show off my Halloween decor.)




One Response to “iOS 5 Tip: Swipe Camera to see Photo Roll”

  1. Terrence Newton Says:

    i just accidentally discovered this myself. they totally stole this from WP7. but yeah, nice new feature.

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