Gmail inbox view now has direct buttons to view Amazon orders

August 12, 2013

Sometimes, shopping for school supplies can be so frustrating. Last Saturday, after hours of searching and visiting several stores, I got everything on my list except for a notebook page-sized map of the USA and world for my older daughter. So I ordered it this morning via Amazon, with a shipping time of 4-14 days.

Almost immediately (and as usual), a confirmation email from Amazon appeared in my Gmail inbox. With one important difference.


(Click on the image to see a larger size. Cuz I know squinting still won’t help you.)

The inbox view of Amazon’s confirmation email had a button labeled “View Order” with an arrow. I didn’t even have to open the email itself; all I needed to do was to click on the button itself and I’d be taken directly to Amazon’s website with the order details.

Opening the email itself made the button disappear, unless I returned to the inbox view.

Apparently, Google must have recently enabled this feature for Amazon, or perhaps Google is beta-testing this with a small pool of users. Has anybody else seen this feature, and is this only for Amazon or also for other selected retailers?


5 Responses to “Gmail inbox view now has direct buttons to view Amazon orders”

  1. Amol Dalvi Says:

    One of my customers just reported this as well. My guess is this is a gmail thing. Google knows its a Amazon order confirmation email and adds that button; not something Amazon is doing to make this extra button show up for their emails. I imagine this would drive click-through rates for other emails, if gmail opened it up to others.

  2. Actually if you are a programmer, you can program your email to have your custom button. Gmail is just giving you the space, it’s you who should make use of it. Just like Amazon used it to display “View Order”

  3. Benjamin Says:

    Is there a documentation for that API ?

    • proudgeek Says:

      Good question – I don’t know, but apparently some email senders can customize their emails to have these buttons appear in the inbox.

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