CompUSA stores all closed?  Good riddance.  Circuit City stores all closing?  Doesn’t bother me – much.  (If Best Buy all closed, now that would make me sweat.)  Home Depot’s EXPO stores closing down?  Ok, that disturbs me a bit, but I’m okay as long as HGTV is still broadcasting.  

But Starbucks closing 300 more stores, on top of the 600 stores it already has closed?   Something is terribly, terribly wrong.  *Gulp*

These stores will be closed by the end of the 2009 fiscal year.  No word where Starbucks plan to close stores.  Starbucks also plans on cutting back the number of stores it opens across the USA and internationally.

Stay tuned for a complete list of all 300 stores.  

Now I gotta go and stock my bomb shelter with even more frap bottles.  The end of the world is coming … (Not!)

(Thanks, Starbucks Gossip.  May you blog on!)

Starbucks has brought back a “signature” chocolate drink.  But instead of the decadent Chantico that it stopped selling in 2006, Starbucks is rolling out a hot chocolate drink that’s made from four different cocoa berries and is more “chocolate” than “milk.”  One variety comes with French sea salt, blended with Hawaiian Turbinado sugar, sprinkled on top of whipped cream.  Sounds intriguing.  It is being released today, so let me know if you’ve got a chance to try this out!

Starbucks has also begun to sell several new breakfast food.  I had the oatmeal with three different topping choices (almonds, dried fruit, and brown sugar) last week and loved it.  In fact, the oatmeal is surprisingly Starbucks’s most successful food release to date.  

Starbucks also released the Piadini today – a square pastry sandwich with folded corners that come in two flavors: spinach with portabello mushrooms and ricotta cheese, or sausage, egg, and cheese.  I had the spinach Piadini this morning.  My honeybear and I actually shared one, and I’m glad we did because it’s yummy if a bit rich.

I already blogged about the Vivanno smoothie drinks.  YUCK.  I’d much druther a Peanut Power smoothie from Smoothie King.

Vivanno Does Not Have Vive

August 22, 2008

I succumbed to the hype and tried a Banana Chocolate Vivanno (with a shot of espresso) from Starbucks.

In one word: BLEH.

I didn’t like it. It was too creamy (maybe the barista ran the blender too long) yet too thin, and didn’t feel good going down the tubes. I didn’t feel like it had much inside it except a lot of air and some flavored powder, but I’m certain I’m wrong – I hope.

In another word: it sucks.  (Ok, two words.)

I ain’t gonna buy the Vivanno again.

Smoothie King is still tops in my estimation, especially its peanut power smoothie – sinful YUM in spite of its oodles of calories, fat, etc. I have yet to try anything from Robeks, which some of my friends rave about.  Maybe for lunch today, hmm.

… Starbucks will now sell any iced grande drink for $2 after 2pm to any customer who brings a receipt of a drink purchased that morning.

Ok, that sounds a bit convoluted. Let me try again.

If you buy a drink from Starbucks before noon, save your receipt. Because if you come back after 2pm the same day and present that receipt, you can order any iced grande drink for just $2. Saves up to $2 on some drinks, i.e., an iced grande latte or mocha.

Dunno if this promotion ends at a certain time each day, or if it’s for the rest of the afternoon / evening. But hurry. This only lasts till September 2nd.

As an aside, I’m trying coffee from Caribou Coffee this morning. Starbucks is still better.

So, in sum:

$2 after 2pm till the 2nd.

Starbucks has finally released a list of all 600 store closures (PDF document).

One store in my old neighborhood in Germantown is on this list — which doesn’t surprise me because apparently this list targets recently-opened stores that aren’t doing too well. We moved away at the right time, whew! Yet, another one even closer to our old home and which had opened even more recently didn’t make this list. What does relieve me is that none of the seven Starbucks in or near Frederick, Maryland, my new home town, is on this list. A new one opened in historic downtown Frederick last year, and I’m pleasantly surprised that that one isn’t on the closure list.

Lots of California stores are on this closure list, but surprisingly not that many in Los Angeles nor San Francisco and probably too many closures in San Diego. Too many in Mobile, Alabama. Lots throughout Florida but only one in Miami itself. Three in Davenport, Iowa. Five in Chicago, Charlotte, and St. Louis. Seven in Indianapolis, eight in Houston, and a whopping NINE in little Baton Rouge and larger Dallas. Yeowch, SIXTEEN stores closing in Las Vegas and North Las Vegas, not including any other suburbs in that area. A mild five store closures in New York City, but a comparatively biting four closures in Oklahoma City. Even Seattle doesn’t avoid an appearance on this list with seven closures (not counting its suburbs).

What do you think, and is your neighborhood / town affected?

(EDIT: The District of Columbia gets off relatively unscathed with just one closure at 21st and L.  A number of stores are being closed in its suburbs, though.  The Washington Post even did an article on these local closures.)

Here’s the link to a list of the first 50 Starbucks store closures (out of an eventual total of 600 closures). Four in Mobile, AL alone!

(EDIT 7/18/2008: Here’s my post about the complete list of 600 Starbucks closures.)

(EDIT 7/18/08: Starbucks has released the complete list of 600 store closures.)

If you’re a somewhat die-hard Starbucks fan, you might’ve heard by now that Starbucks has announced it’ll be closing 600 stores (or 5 percent of its total stores) across the USA due to the challenging economy.

The Seattle Times newspaper has set up a map of Starbucks store closings. This map is not of all 500 stores, since Starbucks hasn’t released the list yet. Instead, the Times is getting this info piece-meal mostly from baristas and the media. None in the DC / Frederick / Baltimore area as of yet (whew!), but this map (so far) only has a fraction of the expected 600 closures.

Any closures near your home or in your town? Let us know.

(Edit 7/10/08: I forgot to give credit where credit is due – thanks, Starbucks Gossip!)

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