Deafening Your iPhone: BuzzCards

March 20, 2011

Perhaps you’re trying to keep track of those complicated coffee orders. Or you’re trying to remember your kids’ different Happy Meal preferences (seemingly depending on the time of the day or even the moon’s stage). Or sometimes, like me, you just need to write down your order.

This is where the iPhone Sorenson BuzzCards app becomes really, really handy.


With this app, you can easily type and save your order. The words are easy for the cashier to read (even from the car in a drive-thru!), and the font size automatically increases or decreases to take up all available screen real estate.



You can give titles and even categories to your orders for later reuse. Easy to use the same orders over and over again (or even do minor tweaks each time):


You can even flirt from across the room using the BuzzCards app!


Oh yeah, it’s hard to beat the price: free.

My only beef: Comic Sans font. C’mon, how can anyone take you seriously!?

UPDATE:  Here’s one for my favorite toy store.

7 Responses to “Deafening Your iPhone: BuzzCards”

  1. […] Bear Toy Store in downtown Frederick wondered if I could use the iPhone Sorenson BuzzCards app (see my last post) to order a whole sh… Uh.. Lots of stuff from the toy […]

  2. Shannon Says:

    I got that months ago and loving it. ;)

  3. jaelstrom Says:

    That’s not comic sans :)

    //design geek here.

  4. cc Says:

    I started iPhone 3 weeks ago and had installed BuzzCards. Not ONE misunderstanding in communication ever happened between me and the cashier/salesperson/ waitress.

    Perfect one app for my iPhone

  5. Liz Says:

    Seems like fun. :)

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