August 12, 2010

Yes, I succumbed. Or more accurately, iSuccumbed.

I’ve been a loyal Palm fanboy for more than a decade. I’ve had a series of Palm devices, including the Palm VII, several Treos, and finally the Palm Pre. I’ve touted Palm for years and even converted numerous (but not countless, I admit) folks to the Palm mentality.

When the iPhone was released several years ago, I was quick to disparage it. It lacked a physical keyboard. It didn’t sport a visual notifications that would linger after the screen shuts off. Its vibrate alert was dweeby. Its push email, other than for its own emails, is half-hearted. Apple is resistant to hacky-innovation. Heck, at that time, the iPhone didn’t even have copy-and-paste.

So, as millions upon millions of iPhones were sold in its various incarnations, I continued to resist its siren song. I fought the lemming lure and stayed steadfast to Palm (now HP/Palm) and its wonderful WebOS devices.

And yet, earlier this week, I succumbed.

I ordered an iPhone 4, and it’ll arrive soon. I cannot wait.

So why did I succumb? Two words: FaceTime and Apps. (Ok, so that’s three words – but somehow “and” just doesn’t count.)


Using FaceTime, two iPhone 4 users can hold a two-way videophone conversation. FaceTime also takes advantage of several iPhone 4 features: a camera in the front, and another in the back. And FaceTime makes it possible for the user to “flip” the view from front to back without having to flip the camera – a very useful feature.

Videoconferencing via a smartphone ain’t new. Not much innovation there. Yet, Apple is able to come up with hardware that works well and sell enough units that they become part of the mainstream. And because of the sheer number of devices with these features, developers and businesses take heed and develop nearly countless (ok, over 200,000) related apps.

Take, for example, ZVRS – a video relay interpreting service for people who are deaf or hard of hearing or have communication disabilities. ZVRS partnered with Apple and built an app in which iPhone users can make “phone calls” while communicating via sign language through ZRS’s interpreters. Niiiiiiiiiice.

ZVRS iPhone app

The iPhone hardware and its associated (and massive) ecosystem are the two main reasons why iSuccumbed after so long. At this time, Palm simply does not have the numbers (both smartphones and apps) to keep me. I’m certain that with HP’s recent acquisition, Palm will release new hardware – but it has waited too long, and I am moving on.

Don’t get me wrong. WebOS, I firmly believe, is still superior to iOS. I particularly love how WebOS multitasks (and the fact that it has multitasked from day one). I adore the gesture areas outside the screen on the Pre and Pixi! Yet the numbers and new hardware simply aren’t there (yet?).

No, wait. I’m at least giving the iPhone a 30-day trial period to see if I truly like it (and AT&T) enough to abandon Palm altogether.

Stay iTuned.


5 Responses to “iSuccumbed”

  1. Midwest Dude Says:

    I have been an iPhone 4 user since day one when it came out. I also had owned iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. :) To the point – I want to share that using IWRelay App for VRS calls is far better than using ZVRS. Why? With IWRelay, you have access to your iPhone’s contacts and secondly, you can copy a phone number from Safari on iPhone and paste it in IWRelay App. With the ZVRS method, you must manually sign the phone number you want to dial to the interpreter and that method sucks. I was at Philly and Las Vegas – ZVRS told us that they will release iZ App soon!!! Few days after July 26th, the CEO sent out an email telling us that we misunderstood and they are not releasing an App anytime soon. What?!? The CEO lied to us and for that I am sticking with IWRelay App.

  2. Natasha Says:

    Craig and I knew you would come to your senses eventually. smile You KNOW you wanted to be on iteam for a long time. Mawahahaha

  3. CNW Says:

    Congratulations. After getting an iMac back in 2007, I finally decided to get the iPhone 4 2 months ago after having Crackberries for so long. Yeah, I know what you mean about the push notifications but I understand the ‘push-notification guy’ at HP/Palm recently defected to Apple so I’m hopeful that this aspect will improve soon.

    FaceTime is great but it’s wifi only so can only be done at home or at Starbucks or McDonalds. There are hacks to do it via 3G but there’s that sucky 2GB limit (with $10 more per GB). Only if I could tether to my iPad’s unlimited 3G connection, then it’ll truly be a mobile experience for me. You’re going to get an iPad too?

  4. proudgeek Says:

    Midwest Dude – gee, you’re right – I hadn’t realized till now that the zvrs video app hasn’t been released yet. Hope it does get released soon!

    CNW – I hope notifications and vibrate do improve. We shall see! No plans YET to get a iPad, but we shall see – LOL.

  5. Deaf Village Says:

    […] all the hype over iPhone 4, I iSucccumbed  as […]

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