Moving to

March 18, 2007

I’ve moved my blog to (don’t forget the dash!).  Please update your bookmarks (although the old one — — should still work and redirect you to the new page).  If you’re using a feed reader like Google Reader or Bloglines, or even a customized home page like Netvibes or Yourminis, you should still continue to get my fantastic and fabulous tech posts.  I hope.


3 Responses to “Moving to”

  1. moxie_mocha Says:

    Thanks for letting us know about your new website.

    A question for you: I know that one can purchase a domain, but how to upload your website from a server? Whose server is it? Xanga? LiveJournal? That kind of thing?

    I’m looking into helping my church to develop their own website, and I know there is a domain we can buy. But what do we do next? That scares me a little. :)

    I have done FrontPage before (about 6 years ago), and I’m sure a lot has changed since then.

  2. proudgeek Says:

    Moxie, I love your blog at ! And thanks for linking to mine. Ok, on to tech stuff. I plan on doing a blog post soon about “quickly and cheapily setting up your website” — stay tuned! But basically, I registered via (I got the $9.95 / year plan plus the $7 or $8 / year privacy option), and then switched some of the services (mail and web) to Google’s “Apps for your Domain”. And then I did some DNS-fiddling on Yahoo and WordPress (where my blog actually is) to make the blog look like it’s on … I know it’s a lot of info condensed in a few sentences! But stay tuned for an more informative blog post soon.

  3. BEG Says:

    Moxie, WordPress does allow importation of LiveJournal entries, if you wanted to move over to a WordPress installation. (Download the entries from LJ to your computer, then when you get the domain/website, upload to the new place from your computer.) There are often import/exports available. Some things to consider are of course things like Private or Friended entries, which may become public under WordPress, things like that. You can also drop me a note for more info… (browneyedgirl65)

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