Deafening your iPhone: Configuring Notified Pro

July 7, 2011

Yesterday, I posted about several iPhone jailbreak apps that help “deafen” your iPhone with better notifications. I mentioned Notified Pro (and one of its add-ins, Notifications GriP) and how both have so many configuration options. Let’s see if I can do a fair job listing how I’ve configured them. Here goes (gulp) …

First, are you using the latest beta version of Notified Pro (released just a couple days ago)? Go to the Cydia app then to the Manage tab, select “Sources,” tap “Edit” then “Add,” type “” (without the quotes), and tap “Add Source.” After refreshing, go to “Updates” and you might see that Notified Pro Beta needs to be updated to 1.99.5-5. Do that!

Part of the huge changes made to Notified Pro Beta is the fact that it no longer has its own app. All settings are now done via the Settings app.

Open Settings then tap Notified. Now, the settings.

Default Alerts Blocker : both options should be On.

Select Gestures: this uses a separate and terrific jailbreak app, Activator; pick your preferred method of viewing recent notifications in a window pane that sweeps down. I personally like the Status Bar – Swipe Down method.

Notifications to Keep: up to you. I prefer 50.

Group By: select “Date” to view past notifications in reverse chronological order.

Custom Icons: off

Show New Only: this shows only new notifications in the sweep-down past notifications pane. I prefer this to be set to On.

Under Auto Delete, set App Launch to On and Notification Tapped to “None.”

Click the “Notified” arrow to return to the main pane of its settings.

Ignored Applications: you can select which apps you want Notified to ignore. Alerts for these ignored apps will appear the “old way” as an intrusive blue window in the middle of the screen. I use this for apps I really MUST know about immediately like Tango or VRS video calls, and also for apps that crashes Notified (like, ahem, Smurfs altho this now seems to be fixed).

Manage Redirections: this is very useful once you understand it. I use PushMail (via the regular App Store) to alert me to new mail – but I don’t want to go to the PushMail app to read / respond to new mail when I tap on a notification. Instead, I set this option to redirect me to my preferred mail app (iMailG, again via the regular app store). Similarly, I use Boxcar to alert me to specific Twitter alerts; I have this redirected to my ultimate favorite Twitter app, Tweetlist.

Back to the main Notified settings pane, one more setting:

Statusbar Icon: On. This shows a “!” when you have new alerts that you may have missed (see Notifications GriP settings later) – you can then sweep down the recent notifications pane to check – and that will dismiss the “!” as well.

You’re now done with the Notified settings. Tap the “Settings” arrow to return to the overall Settings pane. Then tap “NotificationGriP.” If you thought Notified had a lot of settings, wait till you see this …

Let’s hold NGrip Bar Setup till last.

Auto Close (sec): I like my notifications to dismiss themselves after 20 seconds, only because I can then see the “!” if I missed any. Follow your preference for this.

General Setup options: I have the following settings – again, follow your preferences. Max Visible on Screen: five. Collapse Notifications: On (makes them thinner / sleeker, shows less of the body of the message or email). Multiple Notifications: On (display more than 1 notification at a time). Stack Notifications: Off (if on, notifications are stacked on top of each other, hiding the last one; if off, they are listed beneath the last one covering more of the screen). Cover Statusbar: On (conserve screen real estate by covering the top screenbar). Rotate: off (if on, notifications – when NOT in lockscreen – rotate to landscape view depending on iPhone’s orientation; personally, I found this to be a bit annoying so I turned it off).

Now, to the Lockscreen Setup options. I set all three (Rotate, Show, and Wake) to On. Works well with another jailbreak app, LockInfo – especially if you have LockInfo dim delay set to a few minutes or more. I wish there is a Notification GriP option to not auto-dismiss notifications when in the lockscreen, tho.

Set Show Toolbar to On. This shows a toolbar at the bottom when there are 2 or more notifications.

Now, to the NGrip bar Setup options. This is where you customize the appearance of the notification bar. There’s an almost infinite number of ways you can set this up.

(The last screenshot shows what my notification bar actually looks like.)

Vertical / Horizontal Orientation: no, this isn’t something risqué – cut that out. Rather, it’s whether the notification should appear at the top or bottom, and toward the left, center, or right.

Notification Width (pixels): customize the width of the notification. I like having it be a bit shorter than the screen width so that I can still press buttons below it toward the right.

Rounded Ends: up to you.

Show Preview: show the first sentence or two of the message body in the notification.

Icon Opens Notified: if on and you press the icon in the notification, it sweeps down the Notified pane with recent notifications. If off, pressing the icon takes you to the app itself (or redirects you to another app, depending on Notified’s Redirections settings.

Background Setup: set up the background image or color and opacity. I prefer a black, slightly transparent background.

Font Setup: customize the font type, color, and size. Me? White, a bit small so that the notification itself doesn’t take up much real estate. Also set up the shadow here – I have it on but also white and slightly offset to make the letters appear thicker.

Notification Border: set the border color and thickness. Mine is slightly grey and very thin. I think.

Choose Delete Icon: customize the “x” delete icon’s appearance.

Try Me Out: preview your customizations (even as you make them).

Phew. Lots of customizations. Just wait till we talk about LockInfo … Soon!


One Response to “Deafening your iPhone: Configuring Notified Pro”

  1. Owen Price Says:

    I’ve done all the same configuration set up as you have done above, but still it does not work? HELP!

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