Deafening your iPhone: Jailbreak apps

July 6, 2011

Ok, folks. As of right now, it’s easy to jailbreak your phone. Just update to iOS 4.3.3 via iTunes then go to Done? Good.

(Jailbreaking is reversible and basically legal. And what jailbreaking basically does is install an ‘alternate’ app store named Cydia that’s full of thousands of apps, tweaks, and themes that Apple would not have approved.)

Here’s a list of apps I bought and/or downloaded from the Cydia app that makes my iPhone 4 MUCH more deaf-friendly:

Vibrafications – set up custom vibrations for different actions (SMS versus mail versus Twitter / Facebook notifications). Vibrations can be of different patterns and lengths. You can even set up custom vibrations for different people!

3G Unrestrictor – make it possible to use FaceTime and several VRS apps over 3G, not just wifi. Came in handy when I needed to call AAA for service.

Notified Pro and Notification GriP – set up “quiet” notifications on the top or bottom of the screen and which does not interrupt your work or play. No more intrusive iPhone notifications in a box in the middle of your screen. So many freaking options to customize these whichever way you want!! A definite MUST-have for me. More on this on a later blog post. (EDIT: I use the PushMail app – from the regular app store – to send me push notifications whenever I get new email. Similarly, I use the free Boxcar app to send me Twitter notifications.)

LockInfo – extensively customize the lock screen to show a variety of information. I have this set to dim after 5 minutes and to display emails, SMS messages, and notifications. So that means I can just glance at my iPhone at least once every 5 minutes to see if I have new messages instead of having to frigging turn it on and checking different apps. LockInfo comes with numerous plug-ins as well to display even more info – calendar, Twitter, to-dos, etc.

BiteSMS – send and receive SMS messages in a small window on your screen from inside any app or the lockscreen. No need to switch to the Messaging app. Wish there was something like this for mail messages!

These are just a handful of handy jailbreak apps I use to make the iPhone a vastly better experience for me as a deaf person. I know – iOS 5, announced for release this fall – does nearly all these (except for BiteSMS). Where do you think Apple got its ideas?

In addition to these, I use quite a few more jailbreak apps to improve the overall experience, like SBsettings (quick access to common Settings), Snappy (quick photo-taking), MyWiFi (ahem, using my iPhone as a wifi router for laptops or iPads when on the road), InfiniDock (having more than just 4 apps on my dock bar), FolderCloser (close a folder upon launching an app), and many more.

Go forth and jailbreak!


6 Responses to “Deafening your iPhone: Jailbreak apps”

  1. Dudette Says:

    are the jailbreak apps free?

    • proudgeek Says:

      Some are paid. Most are just a few dollars (like the “real” App Store), many are free. Some are pretty expensive, like MyWiFi which is approx $10. If paying thru Cydia, then you’d have to use PayPal or Amazon.

  2. chevy57 Says:

    I have jailbreak for my Iphone, too.

    My3G – similar as 3G Unrestrictor but little costly
    Intelliscreen – blue flashing screen for sms and email incoming alert

  3. CNW Says:

    Yeah, jailbreaking makes the iPhone experience much more worthwhile. You ever get a warning from AT&T about your tethering usage?

    Anyway, Swype finally was ported to iOS today:

    Hopefully that’ll shut up all of those Android users who use ‘Swype’ as the reason why it’s better than Apple. :)

    Tried to add the repo to Cydia but the verification timed out, so I installed the deb file using iFile, and it’s working great on my iPhone as expected of a beta. I’ll have to check it out on my jailbroken iPad 2 later on today.

    • proudgeek Says:

      Hi CNW – never got a warning about my tethering usage. I think it’s because I have the 2gig plan and I never tether for more than that a month anyway. Whew!

      SWYPE!?! I missed that (haven’t been keeping up with Twitter) – THANKS for letting us know!

  4. Blake Says:

    I really wish there was an untethered jailbreak for 4.3.4 – very frustrating. I may have to downgrade and restore :(

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