Delivery or Pick-up? There’s An App For That

April 25, 2011

(Last edited 4/25/11 at 8pm)

Want dinner, but don’t want to get in line? Don’t even want to leave home?

There’s an app for that. Nay, more than one app!

A growing number of iPhone / iPad apps allows you to order your next meal for delivery or pick-up. I’m gonna try to list the better-known ones here. Let me know in the comments if I miss any, and I’ll add to this list (and ok, I’ll give you credit).

Here goes!

California Pizza Kitchen

Pickup only (altho they’d deliver to your car)

Yummy BBQ pizza. Customize your toppings. Tap-tap convenience. Pickup (or even delivery to your car). Nuff said?

Carrabba’s Italian Grill

Pickup only (including carside delivery)

With this app, you can order and customize a heaping dish of pasta / salad goodness. Yummo!


Pickup Only (but pay via app)

You can completely customize your next Chipotle burrito and pay for it via this app. See that long line of hungry customers? Laugh at them as you make a bee-line to the front of the line and pick up your order!

Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches

Delivery / Pickup

This chain of sub shops is fast-growing and prides itself on using fresh food in its yummy subs. And you can have these subs delivered to your home or office. #winning!

Outback Steakhouse

Pickup only

With this app, you can order your favorite heaping goodness and then have them deliver – well, only as far as your car while you’re in their parking lot. Still, yum.

Papa John’s

Delivery only

This handy app lets you tweak and top off your pizza to your heart’s desire. And you get to pay via this app too. Unlike Pizza Hut, no account is needed beforehand. Nifty.

Pizza Hut

Delivery only

With the Pizza Hut app, you can completely customize your pizza – from the crust to the toppings. You can even do half-pizza toppings. I’m hungry already!

Honorable Mentions:

Although these apps aren’t of specific restaurants that do delivery or pick-up, they nonetheless deserve a special place on this list.


This fantastic Grubhub app will tell you all restaurants that deliver in your area, and will even order delivery for you online if available for that restaurant. Grubhub only serves select cities – dang.


Get grocery delivery straight to your door from the Giant food store in your area. Schedule regular deliveries of grocery items, and easily add or subtract items from your list. But that means you gotta cook.

SeamlessWeb Food Delivery

Like GrubHub, this service tells you which local businesses can do delivery — and orders for you when available. Also like GrubHub, this is only available in select cities. Double darn dang. (Added 4/25/11)

Starbucks Mobile Card

With the Starbucks Mobile Card app, you can link your Starbucks gift card account to your iPhone and then pay for your order at the cash register using only your iPhone. Very nice feature! Just make sure you still have a dollar bill or some change for the tip jar …


2 Responses to “Delivery or Pick-up? There’s An App For That”

  1. Pissedchick Says:

    There’s no apps for delivery in Oregon :( or have I not found one ?

    • proudgeek Says:

      Surely one of the pizza delivery apps would work in Oregon? Any others might depend on how close you are to a larger metropolitan area …

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