Glamping: Grill Your Meat to Perfection

August 4, 2010

Ahhh, the fresh air. One of the joys of camping — or glamping (glamour camping) — is the mountain (or ocean or lake) air once you step out of the air-conditioned (or heated) mini-condo. So fresh, so clean, so …


Egads. Obviously the failed-chef camper in the site next to me doesn’t have a Cuisinart Digital Temperature Gauge with Color-Changing Display.

Cuisinart digital temperature gauge

This gadget is nothing short of miraculous. I can tell it whether I’m gunning for rare / medium / well done meat, or if I’m cooking poultry. It’ll then display the correct target temperature, depending on the setting. The thermometer itself is at the end of a 3-foot cable. And when I, um, insert the thermometer, it’ll display the actual temp thus far. When the internal temp hits the target temp, the display will change color to inform you that the meat’s, ahem, done.

Folks, I can tell you this right now: this gadget doesn’t vibrate.


I grilled my turkey burgers to perfection using this gadget. Never was this yummy before!

My turkey burgers with Cuisinart temp gauge

This handy gadget even has a magnetic base for affixing to the grill, and has a few other settings and options. I daresay I’ll find out what else it does during my next trip.

Can’t wait. ;-)

(Please check out my other glamping article as well.)


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