Truly Trulia

July 29, 2010

I’m on the road, and I see a house I like. I check or on my Palm Pre smartphone. And I don’t like what I see.

I don’t like the house? No, that’s not what I meant. I don’t like how Realtor and HomeDatabase’s websites appear on my smartphone. To my dismay, these two web leaders in home searches are not optimized for smartphones such as the Palm Pre / Pixi, iPhone, or various Android phones. Even up-and-coming contender does not have a mobile version. Rather, their webpages are the full version, which can still be seen on these smartphones but are bulky and slow to use. No fun while looking at potential houses on the road.

So it’s truly a relief to discover logo automatically displays its mobile version on smartphones, and the web version is jam-packed with features. To begin with, you can either do a simple search using a zip code / city name, or an advanced search with a good number of criteria. It even provides a list of neighborhoods that’s automatically configured for the city (not zip) you provide. And you can sort the resulting list different ways, including most expensive to least expensive, newest listings first, and more.

Trulia advanced search (1/2)

Trulia advanced search (2/2)

You can search for homes for sale or for rent, and Trulia displays the results either as a list (including a pic of the exterior of the home) or as a map. The map doesn’t seem to be zoomable in the mobile version, though. Selecting a home displays its details, photos, and a map of where the home is. It even displays how long the home has been on the market, recent sales information on the home and whether the sale price has been reduced (and from what) – a very useful feature! details details photo view

You can create a “My Trulia” account – again via the mobile version – and save specific searches as well as your “favorite” listings. A nice touch for when you do repeated searches over time for new listings, and you can save favorite homes for easy reference later.

Obligatory feedback: I wish there was a way to search for homes near a specific address rather than within a town or zip code. And when viewing all pictures (rather than individual ones), it’d be nice to be able to customize the thumbnails so that they can be larger.

So, there you have it, folks. I recommend for its mobile site, and the full web version also holds its own versus its more established competitors.

Obligatory pun time: truly shines.

One Response to “Truly Trulia”

  1. Jay Garcia Says:

    Trulia is interesting, but to be honest, nothing beats the UI of zillow. :-\ For the ipwn, or ipaid — even desktop web, it is the best out there, IMHO.

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