Greater Access to San Francisco: Tweeting Complaints

June 2, 2009

San Francisco continues to keep up its uber-geek credo: it will now accept complaints from people via Twitter.   Just follow @SF311. Can even post photos via TwitPic.

Damn.  This is terrific for deaf folks living in or visiting San Francisco.  Hope Frederick, Maryland will do the same soon.  I do know that several city and county commissioners in and around Frederick, MD are tweeting via Twitter.  But an official Twitter account like @SF311?  Priceless.

Any other towns / cities / counties accepting complaints via Twitter?

(Thanks, TechCrunch)

2 Responses to “Greater Access to San Francisco: Tweeting Complaints”

  1. Dean Says:

    Nothing is related to your entry, but I noticed that you have a “Possibly related posts.” I want to know how you get that? I would like to have that in my blog.


  2. proudgeek Says:

    Dean – it’s a WordPress feature, I believe.

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