Ritz Camera Declares Bankruptcy

February 24, 2009

Ritz Camera has declared bankruptcy.

Why do I care?  Ah, let me tell you.

I wanted a high-quality camera.  After shopping around at various stores, both big-box and small, I bought a Nikon D40 camera with two lenses (18-55 and 55-200 VR) from Ritz Camera last summer.  What won me over was Ritz Camera’s package pricing, customer service, and exceptional warranty.

I paid extra so that if the camera gets broken or dirty, Ritz would clean or replace it free of (additional) charge.  Insurance, ya know, in case a bouncing ball hits my camera while I’m focusing on it.  Happened to a friend of mine, who got a set of replacement lenses from Ritz.  Free and without fuss.

And now Ritz Camera has declared bankruptcy.  Argh.

Silver lining?  Ritz Camera “plans” to continue operation, despite the bankruptcy filing.  Nonetheless, time to be extra-careful of my camera.

(Thanks, I think, to DCist for the news.)

6 Responses to “Ritz Camera Declares Bankruptcy”

  1. Deaf258 Says:

    *sigh* I hope Ritz Camera does not go out of business because I love their white borders whenever I send my film to get developed! They take a better care of customers than other photo development places. Last time I had film done at Target, they got fingerprints all over nearly every photo. Last time I used Walmart’s photo development, they had scratches all over my photos. So not cool! Ritz Camera is the only one that doesn’t leave scratches or fingerprints on my photos when they develop and finish them.

  2. Michael Izak Says:

    Ritz filed for chapter 11, not chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is total liquidation of debts and assets, Chapter 11 is reorganization of debts and assets. You are thinking chapter 7 not chapter 11. Very common mistake and misunderstanding. When Ritz comes out of BR (bankruptcy) it *MAY* be still beholden to honor any contracts or agreements or warranties made with its customers before the BR that Ritz did not void during the BR reorganization.

    A BR attorney

  3. Don Hill Says:

    Just found out first hand that Ritz/Wolf will NOT honor any ESP sold prior to the 2012 bankruptcy. I am currently in process of filinf\g a claim for the remaining time on my contract to be prorated and returned to me in the form of $$. I have 2 months remaining on one DSLR and 19 months on the other (I’m out $675 if I cant get anything). I’ll keep you informed of my status.

    • proudgeek Says:

      Oh no … Yes, please keep us posted. Good luck.

    • Atrebla Says:

      I bought a $900 camera 6 months before they went bankrupt, and the guy there (who MUST have known they were going bankrupt) talked us into a 3 year warranty….for another $300.

      Did your claim work out? What is the process?

      • proudgeek Says:

        Atrebla – I think Ritz did set up a process for claims like these, but I’m not certain. Please let me know what you find out! (I’ve not needed to make a claim so far.)

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