New Laptop, and Dang

February 20, 2009

My HP’s graphics card recently blew up, and so I had to buy a new laptop.  Because I mainly use it for digital scrapbooking and browsing the Internet, I decided not to buy a top-of-the-line laptop this time.  So, I bought myself a Gateway MD2614u with lots of bells and whistles for a cheap cheap price of $549 from Best Buy.  Awesome bargain.

And then I came across Laptop Logic, a website that evaluates and lists top laptops and news.  Dang, wish I saw this before I bought my new laptop!  Good thing it gave my new laptop’s series a good review.   Still, after seeing this list, I would’ve considered Lenovo and a couple other brands that I had previously ignored.  

And Laptop Logic has several interesting articles, like this one on the World’s Largest WebPage — which has a staggering 8.1 nonillion pixels.  I didn’t even know nonillion is a word (but interestingly enough, nonillion is still smaller than a googol).

I’m definitely checking Laptop Logic next time I (or a friend) plans on buying a laptop.


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