300 More Starbucks Stores Closing

January 28, 2009

CompUSA stores all closed?  Good riddance.  Circuit City stores all closing?  Doesn’t bother me – much.  (If Best Buy all closed, now that would make me sweat.)  Home Depot’s EXPO stores closing down?  Ok, that disturbs me a bit, but I’m okay as long as HGTV is still broadcasting.  

But Starbucks closing 300 more stores, on top of the 600 stores it already has closed?   Something is terribly, terribly wrong.  *Gulp*

These stores will be closed by the end of the 2009 fiscal year.  No word where Starbucks plan to close stores.  Starbucks also plans on cutting back the number of stores it opens across the USA and internationally.

Stay tuned for a complete list of all 300 stores.  

Now I gotta go and stock my bomb shelter with even more frap bottles.  The end of the world is coming … (Not!)

(Thanks, Starbucks Gossip.  May you blog on!)

4 Responses to “300 More Starbucks Stores Closing”

  1. DM Says:

    Yay!! It’s time to trim the fats on excesses. The pork bill (aka stimulus bill) will only make things worse. It’s time that corporation learn to be more efficient and plan for these things instead of expanding all the time.

  2. That is a shame, but there were more than needed.

  3. Marisa Creekmore Says:

    My husband works for one of the stores that will be closing in 2009. It’s sad on so many levels. His store is one of the true “cafe” style stores located in our small town’s Downtown district. It’s a hub for students and professionals needing a break or just a pit stop on the way to their next meeting. It’s a place where people socially gather, do homework, read, or people watch with their dogs in tow. On any Saturday morning in the summer, there is truly great people watching. The Farmer’s Market is just steps away and the whole town comes to enjoy the street music, hand made goodies and fresh veggies… not to mention the herd of fresh cut flowers passing by. It’s a shame. No one really gets it, wants it ( well maybe the local coffee shop owners ) or understands it. This Downtown location may not be the biggest money maker of all the Starbucks or compared to the other 2 located on high traffic byways with drive up windows in this town. Even though the goals are met and exceeded in this downtown gem, the real important detail
    ( apparently overlooked in the mass shut down effort)is that this location has accomplished what Starbuck’s originally set out to be…a true cafe.
    Maybe a bank will take over their spot.

  4. paper cups Says:

    New slogan, “A Starbucks on every OTHER street corner”

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