Introducing The BarackBerry

January 23, 2009

Unlike McCain, who allegedly does not use a computer, President Obama is addicted to technology and especially to Blackberries.  And he allegedly was very reluctant to give up his Blackberry upon being sworn in as President.

Do do?

Give him a BarackBerry, of course!

Here’s what he most likely will receive: a Sectéra Edge by General Dynamics.

According to General Dynamic’s product details page, here are some of the features that makes it different and more secure than our typical Blackberries:

  • Secure phone, email, and web browsing via several different secure networks
  • Designed to withstand rigors of everyday use
  • Capable of connecting to GSM, CMDA, and WiFi networks
  • Accepts various security network cards / keys
  • Has classified serial and USB ports as well as unclassified ports
  • Has an additional “trusted” display
  • Sports a stylus (have you seen another Blackberry with a stylus?!  I think not!)

How much?  Ah, cheap at $3,500 (or so).

I want one.  NOT!

(Click for a larger photo)


2 Responses to “Introducing The BarackBerry”

  1. Adrian Havill Says:

    Have you seen that thing? It’s huge. Your screen shot doesn’t really make it seem that way.

    It runs Windows CE, btw, not BlackBerry’s operating system.

    There’s one reason why President Obama will never get a real BlackBerry: all BlackBerry’s route email through Canada, where RIM’s headquarters are. That’s unfortunately a national security risk.

  2. Emilia Johansson Says:


    I would like to get in touch with you, could you please get back to me on the email provided here?

    Best Regards,
    Emilia Johansson

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