More Reason To Be Careful On Facebook

November 18, 2008

If you get a Wall message saying the following, DO NOT VISIT THAT SITE listed in the Wall message!!

has anyone messaged you to let you know your facebook pic was just featured on [site URL removed]

If you do visit that site and enter your log-in information and other information, that site will then “harvest” your facebook friends list and send them spam, fill your in-box with spam, and charge your cell phone $9.99 a month.  Yes, that bad!

The following websites seem to be involved — avoid them at all costs:,, and …  [Update 1/12/2009: Also, ]

A blog, Play This Magazine, has an excellent explanation of what happens if you do log in and let it steal your information.  Raises the hair on my back and sends shivers down my spine …

Here’s a picture of what this wall post looks like:

EDIT: If you DO visit this site, you won’t be able to leave that page or even close your browser!  If that happens, and you’re using a PC (not Mac), press CTRL-ALT-DEL, select “Task Manager,” click on the “Process” tab, and find your Internet browser listed in it (“Firefox.exe” for Firefox, or “iexplore.exe” for IE, or “netscp.exe” for Netscape).  Select that on the list and click on “End Process,” and say “Yes” to the warning.

On a Mac, press option-Apple-Esc.  That’ll bring up a “Force Quit” dialog box. Choose your web browser (Firefox, Safari, whatever), and press the “Force Quit” button.  (Thanks, Jenny!!)


9 Responses to “More Reason To Be Careful On Facebook”

  1. Cautious Person Says:

    It’s not a matter of being careful, imho… it’s a matter of common sense and caution/awareness. I never click on any of those wall comments, and when they have appeared on my wall, I’ve deleted them as soon as possible so that no one else will get suckered in from *my* wall.

  2. Cautious Person Says:

    Oh, and providing login information from one site into another, non-related site, is just, imho, dumb. :)

  3. Jenny Says:

    On a Mac, press option-Apple-Esc.

    That’ll bring up a “Force Quit” dialog box. Choose your web browser (Firefox, Safari, whatever), and press the “Force Quit” button.

    Ah, Macs… so much more user-friendly! Who’d *know* what End Task means without being told???

    *ducking tomatoes from Josh and others*

  4. Sheila Says:

    Urgh. Wish I had known this before, one of my young nephews got this on his website…. and of course, it spread to mine, but I didn’t enter that other website……. and he was very apologetic….

  5. proudgeek Says:

    Sheila – disown him. :-)

  6. Raining in Northwest Says:

    I just yanked the Internet cord from the router before it could steal more info.

  7. Alison Says:

    AVG / Firefox combo, monitors bad websites and prevents you from accessing such websites.

  8. konnecticut Says:

    i have had problems with this website untill my computer finally got run over by a semi-truck on my way to tennessee ;)

  9. Pat Chegahno Says:

    I have other people ablums on my face book how and why are they on mine? Please let me know tyvm.

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