Don’t Forget To Register Your VRS Numbers with

November 13, 2008

Now that FCC is mandating 10-digit numbers for our videophones, the major video relay / videophone companies have been busy assigning new phone numbers to our videophones.  For some of these numbers, hearing people can also call and be connected directly to you via video relay (or instant messaging or email).  In addition, we may have signed up for additional personal VRS phone numbers independent from our videophones.

The result?  Many, many new phone numbers to keep track of!  I now have SIX personal VRS phone numbers that I need to keep track of, with several different VRS providers!

So, a reminder: please do not forget to register ALL of them (and your mobile phone number) with — or else you’ll start getting lots of telemarketing calls.

Consider yourself reminded.

Trivia: once you register a phone number on, it will stay on the list permanently.  Used to be deleted in 3 years, but a recent change in law now makes registration permanent.  Hooray.

And thus, this blog post snaps my recent streak of Google-loving posts …

(See my ancient reminder on


2 Responses to “Don’t Forget To Register Your VRS Numbers with”

  1. Hilary Says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I’m pretty sure I registered my ip-relay and cell #’s already, but not my new SVRS #. I just registered all 3 to be sure. :)

  2. Terry Says:

    Wanted to add my thanks for this post (and others!) on your blog!!! In 10 minutes’ time 3 of your posts have helped me fix problems and make really useful changes!!!

    Good looking blog, too! (grin)

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