VPAD+ Coming Out Soon

September 19, 2008

Viable will soon be releasing the next generation of the VPAD videophone! It’ll have the following enhancements:

  • Bluetooth technology (good for a headphone for voice carryover)
  • Built-in WiFi capability (so that means you don’t need a WiFi “stick”)
  • Dual USB ports (good for adding keyboard, mouse, headphone, etc)
  • Improved touchscreen function
  • 10-digit number dialing (which resolves a long-standing complaint of mine that it was impossible to call a VPAD except with another VPAD)
  • Browser support for WiFi log-ins (hmm, wonder if we’ll eventually be able to use the VPAD as a separate Internet browser?)
  • A re-designed user interface
  • Acoustic echo cancellation
  • Improved camera function
  • Continued upgrades automatically sent to the customer’s VPAD+

Viable states in its press release that it has listened to and incorporated feedback from many customers and testers into the new VPAD+. Also according to Viable, the VPAD+ is expected to be available for sale only from Viable for an introductionary price of $99. Nope, not free, but that means I’ll be able to buy one for my hearing mother. Customers would need to register for a “Viable Number” — a ten-digit number — and schedule home installation. (Hmm, I wonder if I can still buy one for my mom anyway …)

I don’t know about you, but I’m impressed with Viable’s ability to design and release videophones into the market at a faster rate than the MVP. Even if the first VPAD design may have come with a variety of problems, that hasn’t deterred Viable from addressing these problems and releasing a new design.

EDIT: Some additional information, thanks to commentators and Viable customer service:

  • The old VPAD’s firmware will continue to be upgraded, but the touch-screen won’t be improved much because the hardware is different from that being used in the new VPAD+.
  • The VPAD+ uses a better battery, runs for 2-2.5 hours, and will have the Viable logo on it. It’s still external, though, and user would still have to shut down the VPAD+ in order to swap cords. The battery will also be sold separately (but at least the wifi is built-in this time).

19 Responses to “VPAD+ Coming Out Soon”

  1. Peachlady Says:

    I wonder about the old vpad. Can it be upgraded or download with the Improved touchscreen function? I know it cannot upgrade with WiFi “stick”!

  2. proudgeek Says:

    That’s a good question! Will Viable continue to push firmware upgrades to the old VPAD? Let me see if I can find out from customer service …

  3. proudgeek Says:

    Got a response from customer service – yes, the “old” VPADs from last spring will continue to be upgraded. I don’t know if the touchscreen and wifi capabilities will be upgraded as part of this, tho.

  4. hedy Says:

    peachlady, you are right it cant upgrade with wifi. Use ethernet cable for once a time when you get a new upgrade information from Viable.

    Please contact customer support. help@viablevrs.tv on your VP or click “help” on your Viable Vision Software.
    And AIM: viablehelp

    They will help you upgrade the VPAD through the steps.

  5. Tech Guy Says:

    old Vpad is not upgradeable. Touchscreen function is entirely new hardware… old vpad had “cheap” touchscreen. So they opted for cheap one in the beginning… it is a big mistake on their part so they had to use more expensive one which is more sensitive to the touch.

    Really looking forward to new VPAD+, I probably will buy it this time. Good thing that I waited.

  6. What about the battery? Is it now built in?

  7. proudgeek Says:

    Thanks, Hedy and Tech Guy! Very useful info. I was wondering about the battery too. I hope it’ll be built in as well, and if not, would it work with the battery I already bought for the “classic” VPAD? Would I still have to disconnect the power to the VPAD+ (thus turning it off) in order to plug in the power cord?

  8. proudgeek Says:

    Thanks to customer service, I got yet more information about the battery. It uses a better battery, runs for 2-2.5 hours, and will have the Viable logo on it. It’s still external, though, and user would still have to shut down the VPAD+ in order to swap cords. The battery will also be sold separately (but at least the wifi is built-in this time).

  9. proudgeek Says:

    Hey Hedy, I was able to upgrade my VPAD’s firmware via WiFi. It did take me a couple tries, though, but I was still able to do that. Maybe it’s more reliable / smoother if it’s done via Ethernet …

  10. adam Says:

    Great. Please check http://www.mataexpo.com

    Viable is one of major sponsors there. They will release it there. Big time!



  11. Hmmm.... Says:

    I hope Battery life is about 4 to 6 hours. It can beat out to HoVRS MVP or equally to. Possibly satified Viable’s feeling :)

  12. Anon... Says:

    Built in browser support for wi-fi is a huge key.

    USB ports are important if you want to add a G3 usb stick.

    I don’t care about battery power…who the hell talks on VP for more than 2 hours anyway?

  13. Hmmm.... Says:


    What about traveling on the long road or go to the national park? How to access in the park? Please double-thinking about battery life in the near future?

  14. DeafCoolMan Says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have old VPAD, I don’t like AnyGate XM-152 from Korean, AnyGate bought chip from Relink RT-73 Chipset that I found list
    compatibility hardware, I bought Linksys WUSB54GC work Viable VPAD!!!

    you can buy any Linksys, D-Link, must chipset RT-73 becuase VPAD program is Linux

    down page see “USB” list and chipset RT-73

    Good Luck


  15. 007 Says:


    My friend work viable and told me found fix for old vpad touchscreen. now pad work same vpad+ . they will release in one or two weeks. finally only problem with vpad is touchscreen now fixed!

  16. yay Says:

    My vpad touchscreen not working.
    Vpad updated today and work perfect!
    i think fix is out already

  17. Joyce Says:

    I want to know how do i get it for information so can order it . Thank you

  18. 007 Says:

    FCC force vrs to give real phone number. Viable soon release theirs and then you will be able to buy one.

  19. Tara Says:

    i would like to know where i can buy vpad+ and i would order one for myself as im from canada bc thanks tara

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