eReader FINALLY Adds Mobile Site

August 27, 2008

Folks who really know me know I’m a voracious e-reader.  I read on the train, I read in the car (sometimes while waiting at red lights!), I read while walking from the elevator to my office, I read in the (ahem) bathroom, I read while folding the laundry, I read just about everywhere.  I read a book or two a week, even with two young daughters – quite an achievement.

I don’t buy paper books anymore – that’s so NOT twenty-first century, and besides, I’ve already got too many paper books.  Rather, I buy them all via eReader and then read them on my Palm Treo 755p.  Ereader keeps a virtual library (called bookshelf) of books for me under my membership (I shiver at the thought of it going bankrupt), and when I’m finished with a book I can just make it go *poof* away in a shower of electronic electrons.  Via this site, I can buy many of the same current books that I see in my local bookstore, written by Stephen King, James Patterson, Stephenie Meyer (which I’m reading now), Nora Roberts (which I LOVE!), Cecil deMille, and many more.  Too bad Harry Potter ain’t available via eReader, tho.

One major gripe I had was that the eReader website was not ideal for use via my Treo’s web browser.  Each page took foreever to load, and it always looked clunky on my relatively small Treo screen.  This seemed counter-intuitive, because after all, eReader books were being read on mobile devices — and I’d buy many of my books via eReader while on the train or subway or at the airport.

No more.  eReader added a mobile site at  Hurrah!  Here, I can view my bookshelf, browse books, make purchases, and make changes to my account.  In sum, it seems identical to what I can do on the larger eReader website.

Thanks, eReader, for adding this feature.


3 Responses to “eReader FINALLY Adds Mobile Site”

  1. proudgeek Says:

    Wow! I want it!! :-)

  2. […] bolded. Hmm, looks like I need to read quite a few more. Wonder if any of these are available via Some books I understand why are on the list, but for some others, I’m like […]

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