Vivanno Does Not Have Vive

August 22, 2008

I succumbed to the hype and tried a Banana Chocolate Vivanno (with a shot of espresso) from Starbucks.

In one word: BLEH.

I didn’t like it. It was too creamy (maybe the barista ran the blender too long) yet too thin, and didn’t feel good going down the tubes. I didn’t feel like it had much inside it except a lot of air and some flavored powder, but I’m certain I’m wrong – I hope.

In another word: it sucks.  (Ok, two words.)

I ain’t gonna buy the Vivanno again.

Smoothie King is still tops in my estimation, especially its peanut power smoothie – sinful YUM in spite of its oodles of calories, fat, etc. I have yet to try anything from Robeks, which some of my friends rave about.  Maybe for lunch today, hmm.


One Response to “Vivanno Does Not Have Vive”

  1. […] already blogged about the Vivanno smoothie drinks.  YUCK.  I’d much druther a Peanut Power smoothie from […]

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