Treo Pro Coming Soon!

August 21, 2008

A new type of Treo is coming out – the Treo Pro! Will the Treo Pro, coupled with the Palm Centro, be enough to stop Palm’s declining market share of smartphones? Palm smartphones are now 3rd in usage nation-wide. While the iPhone is in 4th place, it’s catching up fast.

Some quick specs — it’ll have built-in GPS (including navigation), run on Windows Mobile (not Palm OS – damn), have wi-fi (yay!), have 256mb RAM memory, 2.0 megapixel camera, 320×320 touch screen that’s flush with the rest of the body (easier to keep clean!), have a slimmer body (I think it went through the South Beach diet), 3G data connectivity (fast data speeds), microUSB connector (no more hunting for the right connector!), and more.

I’m disappointed that it’s running on Windows Mobile instead of Palm OS — I run plenty of programs that are Palm OS-only, like Chatter, Bonsai, Bubbles, and a few others. Plus, I’m not certain how I can set up push email on Palm devices running on Windows Mobile, like I have on Palm OS devices.

(Thanks, Treonaunts!)

EDIT 8/22: Here’s the official Palm announcement, and a followup Palm blog post being bemused at all the attention and adoration it’s getting.


4 Responses to “Treo Pro Coming Soon!”

  1. Bill Says:

    That is a good looking phone with nice specs, the keyboard looks nice, and I love a touchscreen.

    I like the Blackberry Curve thumb ball for navigating the screen though.

    It’s sad that Palm is using Windows Mobile. We need to keep phone OS’s competitive. (Android for Palm, however…)

    If you test one out, let us know..

  2. twallclimber Says:

    well, it is not SAD that Palm uses WM. WM rocks! my mobile is my at&t Tilt with WM6.1. i love touchscreen. i dont look back from blackberry thingy or sidekick thingy since 2005. WM does have Microsoft Exchange which is pushy email feature on mobile. i use mail2web’s email account on my mobile for over 3 years. it runs greatly. it runs like blackberry email server. it includes email, calendar, contacts, and task. check

    I do look forward to playing Palm Pro and to seeing how it will work with my own eyes. Palm Pro looks so sexy !

  3. twallclimber Says:

    i forget to add… is not like POP or IMAP feature. big different. when the email arrvies at email server, it arrives at your mobile automatically – not like pulling email by time like checking every 5 min or so.

  4. cachofas Says:

    This is a great smartphone check the accesories to use it at 100% we also have the palm treo pro, palm centro and treo 680 to choose for.

    Congrats for the blog it is one of my favorites!

    Palm Treo Pro

    Palm Centro

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