Facebook Photo Notifications Now Includes Wording of Comments

August 13, 2008

I get plenty of emails from Facebook.  A lot of emails, in fact.  They’re all notifications informing me whenever someone sends me an (internal) Facebook email, leaves a post on my wall, or makes a comment on my photo / video / story / status / etc.

For a while now, these Facebook notification emails also included the actual words of whatever nuggets of wisdom these friends had been sprinkling on my profile, with one glaring exception: whenever someone left a comment on my photos, these words were not also included in the Facebook notification emails.  I had to follow the link within these notification emails to see which photo and also to see the actual words contained in the comments.

(Does this make sense?  Well, if you’re a rabid Facebook fan like I am, you’d be nodding in emphatic agreement with what I just said in the preceding paragraph.)

No longer.  Facebook notification emails now contain the words of the comments left on my photos (or photos of me or following my comments on other folks’ photos).  Hooray for small favors.

Now if only these Facebook notification emails also contain a thumbnail of that photo so I know which *%^)$(#&ing photo my friends are commenting on.


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