VPAD and Some Ceiling Fans Do NOT Mix

August 8, 2008

I have a Viable VPAD with a wifi “stick” and a battery pack.  It’s very nice being able to chat with friends from anywhere in my house without worrying about an Ethernet cable or having to plug it in!

A friend of mine in California has a similar set-up.  But the first time she used her VPAD wirelessly to talk with me in her kitchen, her picture was horribly blurry!  So she called me back the next day, and it worked just fine.  We were puzzled over it, but at that time we couldn’t figure it out.  A few moments into the conversation, she wanted to show me her kitchen — and she turned her ceiling fan on to show it off.  As the ceiling fan blades began rotating, her VPAD screen became horribly blurred before freezing.

A-ha!  Ceiling fans and VPADs do not mix!

For some reason, my VPAD works fine even when my family room’s ceiling fan blades come into view.  So, it’s not ALL ceiling fans.  Maybe it’s electrical interference from some ceiling fans; maybe it’s the blades with certain backgrounds that causes too much motion on the screen.  This bears further experimentation.

But wanted to let you folks know.  VPADs and some ceiling fans simply don’t mix.  I wonder if the same is true for wifi laptops — hmm.


5 Responses to “VPAD and Some Ceiling Fans Do NOT Mix”

  1. Deb Ann Says:

    Hi! Just let you know that I’ve read your blogs.

    About VPAD and ceiling fan don’t mix, it’s so interesting! Thank you for sharing this, so I’ll know when we’re getting MVP. We have four ceiling fans in our house, & we’ll test it.

    Have a great day! Deb Ann

  2. Hana Says:

    I wonder if it’s the type of fan that uses a remote control?

    I’ve noticed sometimes if people use a certain type of desk fan on their desks, it interferes with their computer monitors. Same idea?

    Might be giving off an EM field that interferes with some type of monitors…worth researching.

  3. Richard Roehm Says:

    It seems that the buzz over the Mobile Video Phone (MVP) Purple Number has taken over the blogsphere for the moment. Everyones posting messages asking to exchange emails, purple numbers, etc to help them qualify for a free MVP from Hands On Video Relay Service (HOVRS) company. What we see is the resurrection of the multi level marketing system in the deaf community and we have grave concerns that people will spoof this gimmick to obtain personal information from unsuspecting deaf people. HOVRS is making a grave mistake trying to resurrect a monster that has consumed the fortunes of many hard working deaf people and consumed the resources and the reputations of hard working deaf advocates taking it down. HOVRS is actually building a nest that’ll become a birthing place to opportunity scams that further divides the deaf community.

    We ask HOVRS to end this scheme immediately.

  4. Deaf Citizen Says:

    To Richard Roehm:

    Richard, your background and your personality is well known in the deaf community. I kindly request that you stop your non-sense and putting deaf people and the deaf community down. HOVRS is here to provide a service and they’re a big supporter of numerous events. Your constant negativity will only cause your downfall and draw more people away from you. I suggest you backup your comments before falsely accusing a corporation of such thing.

  5. matt Says:

    It’s probably just a frequency..

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