Save Your Morning Starbucks Receipt, Because …

August 5, 2008

… Starbucks will now sell any iced grande drink for $2 after 2pm to any customer who brings a receipt of a drink purchased that morning.

Ok, that sounds a bit convoluted. Let me try again.

If you buy a drink from Starbucks before noon, save your receipt. Because if you come back after 2pm the same day and present that receipt, you can order any iced grande drink for just $2. Saves up to $2 on some drinks, i.e., an iced grande latte or mocha.

Dunno if this promotion ends at a certain time each day, or if it’s for the rest of the afternoon / evening. But hurry. This only lasts till September 2nd.

As an aside, I’m trying coffee from Caribou Coffee this morning. Starbucks is still better.

So, in sum:

$2 after 2pm till the 2nd.


3 Responses to “Save Your Morning Starbucks Receipt, Because …”

  1. Chris Says:

    I still think SBC is better than Starbucks, sorry.

  2. proudgeek Says:

    Hi Chris! Hmm, ok, I’ll try SBC (which is owned by Sbux) and see. Now if there’s one near my workplace …

  3. SBC= Seattle’s Best? Uck. Don’t try SBC at San Diego’s Misson Valley Borders. Theirs are the worst. However here in DC, the SBC at Pentagon City Borders is not bad… Friendly staff, so that is the bonus.
    Caribou Coffee hasn’t made a good cup of java for me… I have given them plenty of chances but.. Nopie, sorry.

    The Starbucks baristas at Safeway grocery store on 14th street SE do make good lattes and macchiatos!

    However I usually prefer mom-n-pop coffee house over any of chain coffee companies… So I have to give a shoutout for Port City Java on 8th and South Carolina Ave SE and Sidamo’s on H street NE.
    I am looking forward to try SOVA, also on H street NE.
    I think local-owned coffee-houses have better ambience to sit back and work on your laptop with a good cup of coffee (or tea!).

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