Wondering About My Fellow Passengers

August 1, 2008

I live 40 miles away from my workplace, so I sometime take the commuter train and other times take the commuter bus to work.  I see the same people over and over again, each day, going to work and then from work.  On the bus, we don’t say a word to each other — but on the train (not subway), people greet each other all the time.

So, it’s quite a shock for me to read about a guy being stabbed and beheaded while travelling home on a bus in Canada.

I read about this yesterday actually, and this morning on the bus I couldn’t help but glance from passenger to passenger wondering …



4 Responses to “Wondering About My Fellow Passengers”

  1. queenalpo Says:

    On that note, good morning!

  2. your fellow bus passenger Says:

    i am thinking about whacking you. hee hee

  3. proudgeek Says:

    HAHA! Uh, I think …

  4. May C Says:

    That news was not only shocking but really makes you think twice about the people around you. Apparently it was totally unprovoked. I guess that guy just wanted to act out his dark twisted fantasy. Worst thing is that most passengers were sleeping and thus their most vulnerable moment. Yuck.

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