Attention, Scrabulous Fans

July 31, 2008

One of the hottest Facebook applications (and one which I’ve studiously avoided in the interests of conserving my precious free time!), Scrabulous, has been relaunched as WordScraper.

WordScraper is similar to Scrabulous (and Scrabble), except that the bonus tiles and board dimensions are different.

Scrabulous was identical to Scrabble, and up till several months ago Scrabulous had gotten away with such an obvious trademark infringement. Hasbro (the owner / manufacturer of the Scrabble board games) filed suit against Scrabble in court, and recently released a new Scrabble Facebook application in conjunction with EA (Electronic Arts). In response, the two brothers who developed Scrabulous chose to take down that Facebook app and yesterday put up WordScraper.

Scrabulous had way more fans and users than the Scrabble Facebook application. I’m curious to see how fast WordScraper zooms its way up the charts.

(Thanks, Inside Facebook!)


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