Creating Sticky Situations with MikonMixers

July 29, 2008

Face it. You’ve been at plenty of parties and gatherings where you’ve found yourself in a sticky situation. Maybe you’re at a party and you want to approach a certain attractive someone yet you don’t want to use a pilthy opener. Or you want to network with someone at a conference but you need a good way to introduce yourself.

MixonMixers has made sticky situations even more sticky!

Wait, let me explain. At some parties and nearly all conferences / workshops, participants wear name-tags. Instead of just having one’s name (and business / agency info), how about affixing a small sticker with a graphic showing what kind of personality or interest you have? Perhaps a Spock graphic showing that you’re a true-blue Trekkie, a peace symbol sticker for down-to-earth folks, a Hogwarts sticker just for the heck of it, or a Shrek sticker revealing your inner child. That way, other people would get a glimpse of what kind of person you are just by looking at your name-tag, and conversations would be begun much more easily.

That’s the entire premise behind MixonMixers. At MikonMixers, the host(ess) can select from thousands of different icons (or even design her/his own or hire others via the webpage to design them!) and then order dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of sheets of different icons. Then s/he can distribute them to participants at parties or conferences. Nice!

Pricing seems a bit steep and may be a bit confusing at first. It charges a declining rate depending on how many hundreds of sheets you order and how many icons you put on these sheets. For example, MikonMixers charges $1 per sheet (and a $9 set-up fee) of 21 different stickers when you order just 1-99 sheets, 90 cents (with no set-up fee) per sheet for 100-249 sheets, and so on.

Be sure to give yourself enough time when ordering this for your next event. Up to 7 business days are required for shipping small orders, and longer for larger orders.

Go forth and create sticky situations!


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