TAP Accessible Plan is $10 MORE per month for New iPhones

July 11, 2008

Just got this comment from Lenny —

“FYI… The TAP for the 3G is 50.00 a month… The 2G is 40.00 a month… I thought I would make that clear before folks end up surprised at the extra $10 a month for the 3G model…”

Thanks, Lenny, for passing on this (bad) news. And remember, don’t shoot the messenger!

5 Responses to “TAP Accessible Plan is $10 MORE per month for New iPhones”

  1. airclaw Says:

    Where is the source and would att provides unlimited for sms?

  2. proudgeek Says:

    Airclaw – check my old blog post at:


    And yes, unlimited SMS.

  3. Yeah Says:

    For reliable Apple info – go to http://www.deafmac.org

    The original iPhone has EDGE network and thats 2.5G. The unlimited data plan was $20 and unlimited sms was $20 = $40 TAP

    The new 3G iPhone is obviously faster which enables people to use more bandwidth hence the higher cost. The unlimited data plan is now $30 and the unlimited sms remains the same at $20 = $50 TAP

  4. rlay Says:

    disagree that, hearing month rate service fee are same on both iphone 2.5g and new iphone 3g, more speed on new 3g. i think tap 40 dollars stay on both iphone2.5g and 3g

  5. deatat&temployee Says:


    itap for iphone (edge) costs 40 a month and itap for iphone 3G costs 50 a month. 10 dollars increased on any iphone plans(for hearing or deaf) since iphone 3G released. iphone (edge)’s plan remains the same for hearing or deaf subscribers.

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