Breaking: AT&T WILL Provide TAP Discount for New iPhones!

July 11, 2008

More info, from my friend:

“I just got an email from nccd att announcing that they now do support new iphones. Off I go to Apple Store!”

Go forth and buy the new iPhone and let us know what you think! I’m so tempted to buy one, but I’m not too sure about not being able to type without looking at the iPhone … I like to walk and type at the same time!


2 Responses to “Breaking: AT&T WILL Provide TAP Discount for New iPhones!”

  1. Curious Says:

    It appears that you bought 3G IPhone. What do you think of your new toy? I aware of the cons in regard to features which does not include MMS and copy/Paste. How is the battery life? Is it worth the purchase?

  2. proudgeek Says:

    Curious – no, I haven’t bought one. I’m sorely tempted to! But for me, what’s holding me back is the lack of a physical keyboard rather than an on-screen one. I’m curious what other folks’ experiences are and whether it’d be tedious to type out a lengthy email via the new iPhone.

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