Happy Thursday, and Don’t Work Too Hard

July 10, 2008

Thursdays are becoming the new Fridays, as more people take Fridays off or make special plans for Thursday evenings.

But please don’t work too hard. This guy died while designing the Toyota Camry hybrid.

In Japan, deaths from overwork — called “karoshi” — have been increasing in the past 21 years since this type of death was officially recognized.

So, for your own sake and for your children, partner, family, or friends’ sake as well, take it easy! And be sure to relax and read Proud Geek. :-)


3 Responses to “Happy Thursday, and Don’t Work Too Hard”

  1. Vadim Says:

    I saw the article today in SF Chronicle and Wall street Journal. It is sad to see people work too hard. My observation is that people think if they work too hard, they will keep their jobs. This is NOT TRUE. People need to work “smarter” and communicate with their management more and set realistic expectations. I think that the communication with the management will make your work life much easier. If it is not the case, then one needs to look for another job (or another manager) soon. ;-)

  2. Bill Says:

    Our companies watches “Training Videos” on Fridays, and has half day Fridays during the summer, as long as you still get your “forty” in during the week.

    ‘Course, I worked until 3 today, but when you’re in the zone…..

  3. Jason Says:

    It’s Saturday, and I’m reading your blog entries!!!! Just installed NetNewsWire RSS on iPhone. Ahhh!

    Can 24-hour Net surfers experience this misfortune? How about anyone who normally takes a long commute? Don’t mean to rain on your parade! I know we need a long break every weekend like Europeans do nowadays.

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