Finally Sticking It to Myself

July 10, 2008

Three months after I blogged about Starbucks’ new Splash Sticks, I finally saw these sticks in the Starbucks store next to my workplace.

I’m a really happy man now. I know my ID photo doesn’t make me look happy, but believe me, I’m happy.

Josh\'s Splash Stick

Please don’t forget to recycle these Splash Sticks, either in your local plastic recycling bin or by re-using them.

I just hope my local workplace Starbucks hangout won’t be one of those stores slated for closure. There’s another Starbucks on the next corner, after all.


One Response to “Finally Sticking It to Myself”

  1. Vadim Says:

    Cute… I am glad you mentioned that we need to recycle. It will help us control massive waste that is already going on. Should I shut up now?

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