Map of Starbucks Store Closings

July 8, 2008

(EDIT 7/18/08: Starbucks has released the complete list of 600 store closures.)

If you’re a somewhat die-hard Starbucks fan, you might’ve heard by now that Starbucks has announced it’ll be closing 600 stores (or 5 percent of its total stores) across the USA due to the challenging economy.

The Seattle Times newspaper has set up a map of Starbucks store closings. This map is not of all 500 stores, since Starbucks hasn’t released the list yet. Instead, the Times is getting this info piece-meal mostly from baristas and the media. None in the DC / Frederick / Baltimore area as of yet (whew!), but this map (so far) only has a fraction of the expected 600 closures.

Any closures near your home or in your town? Let us know.

(Edit 7/10/08: I forgot to give credit where credit is due – thanks, Starbucks Gossip!)


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