I Want One

June 27, 2008

We’re in the process of adding a new bathroom to our new house, and I WANT ONE OF THESE!

Japanese Toto toilet controls

This is a Japanese Toto toilet. Google has these installed in some of its bathrooms. It has settings for cleaning your (ahem) rear and your (double-ahem) front. It can even dry your bottom. The warmth and pressure of the cleansing water can be regulated with the rear-cleansing option receiving (triple-ahem) stronger pressure than the front-cleansing option. Vibrating and pulsating jets of water (raising eyebrows here) can be added as options. The seat can be heated, the lid can be automatically raised or lowered (a boon for women everywhere!) with proximity sensors that can tell whether the person is facing forward or facing away (I wonder if it’d clam shut before my cat could get in to drink?), music can be played to relax the user, deodorizing spray can be released, etc.

My question is thus: what’s the (quad-ahem) wand cleaning function for? And dammit, how do you flush?

(Thanks, TechCrunch and SFist!)


2 Responses to “I Want One”

  1. QueenAlpo Says:

    And where’s the GPS? Don’t tell me they forgot it?!

  2. Proud Geek Says:

    Alli hon, I’m sure many spouses / partners may feel that men need GPS to take a whizz without missing the toilet seat … But I’m also sure men’re too proud to use GPS!

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