Google Easter Egg: Rainbow Celebrating Gay Pride

June 26, 2008

To commemorate (I assume!) the various Gay Pride celebrations across the world, Google has an Easter Egg: when you go to and search for “gay”, a rainbow sidebar appears to the right of the results. This Easter Egg might disappear soon, so do check it out sooner.

Nice touch, Google!

(Click image for a larger view)

Google Rainbow Easter Egg

Thanks, David, for the tip!

On a related note, I think it’s irritating that the Google ads to the right of the rainbow sidebar are for adult- and sexual-oriented dating websites.  Oh, wait!  I had Google’s SafeSearch set to “Do not filter my search results.”  After I changed it to “Use strict filtering,” most of the sexual-oriented ads went away.


3 Responses to “Google Easter Egg: Rainbow Celebrating Gay Pride”

  1. QueenAlpo Says:


    As for your aside, I agree. But then again, I assume the adult-related businesses are the ones shelling out money for ads.

  2. Jenny Says:

    Interesting – I checked it out and didn’t see the stripes at all. Then I realized – it might not be on the French version. (My Mac is en français, so many websites automatically default to the French version when available.) I clicked on “Google in English,” did the search, and presto.

  3. JS Says:

    Could there be a double standard here? If I do a Google search for “straight”, no sexually explicit ads appear. Gosh, the straight people are really missing out.

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