Google Maps Mobile Updated for Palm OS

June 24, 2008

A quick blog post to let folks know that Google Maps Mobile has been updated to version To install it, go to via your Palm Treo or Centro’s web browser and download / install it over the air.

Google Maps Mobile My LocationThe biggest change is that for Palm Centro smartphones, it supports “My Location,” a close approximation of where you are. While it’s not exact, it’s good when searching for nearby stores. However, as my poor hapless partner reports, it’s confusing to see My Location when following driving directions — he constantly thinks it’s exactly where he is, and consequently gets lost. Turn it off when following directions, honey!

There are a few more smaller changes, notably combining “Location” and “Search” into one option. When using the keypad to scroll the screen, the scrolling is done smoothly instead of jerkly – a nice touch and easier for tracking the moving screen. When a location is found, a small green arrow “drops” onto it — nice animation. And when opening a location, you can then see links for “Directions to here,” “Directions from here,” and “Search nearby.”

Just don’t forget to periodically reset Google Maps, or else your map cache will grow too large.

Very nice touches, Google! One of my favorite Palm programs has gotten even better.


4 Responses to “Google Maps Mobile Updated for Palm OS”

  1. Phil Says:

    Many thanks. Just in time as I will be in New Orleans for the NAD Conference. This will help me locate certain places I want to visit on my Palm Treo.

  2. Nice but… I rather see them add Gmail program for Treo than update Google Maps. Whatever :)


  3. Somebody Says:

    A gmail app for treo is redundant. Use versamail.

    Two things I can think of that are SERIOUSLY LACKING in the current palm version of gmm… 1) *GPS SUPPORT*. Why doesn’t it have support for a GPS? 2) Ability to download applicable maps IN ADVANCE. I don’t want to be wasting my phone’s data allotment, so I’d like to be able to download the maps I need while I’m at home.

  4. Mike Says:

    The feature that is MOST SERIOUSLY LACKING is support for a #$%^&* proxy, so it can be used on T-Mobile without paying an ungodly amount of money per month.

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