SnapVRS / Ojo Also Offers 9-1-1 Calling

June 3, 2008

Since May 19, SnapVRS has been making it possible for callers to be connected to 9-1-1 just by dialing “911” on their Ojo videophones.  Sorenson began doing that last year, and Viable just yesterday.  Good move, SnapVRS, even if it’s being mandated by FCC!

Callers would have to provide the address where emergency services are needed.  I find it interesting that Sorenson has paired with another company to trace your IP address to where you are calling from.  I wonder how accurate that is — and whether that company has access to more detailed information that makes it possible to link IP addresses to actual street addresses or if (like SnapVRS and Viable) the caller still must provide his/her address.


One Response to “SnapVRS / Ojo Also Offers 9-1-1 Calling”

  1. Raszh Says:

    I am almost certain that the geo location of IP address is used only to automatically route the call to the right emergency call center. You would still have to give your address once your call is connnected however. And yeah, it’s not completely reliable.

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