Borders and Noble? Barnes and Noble Might Buy Borders

May 22, 2008

Barnes and Noble, the nation’s largest bookseller, is exploring the possibility of buying Borders.

I’m a geek (and I’m darn proud of it). I love browsing bookstores. Especially Barnes and Noble. And it helps that almost all Barnes and Noble bookstore has a mini Starbucks store inside. Borders seems a bit more bland in general, even if its Seattle’s Best Coffee is now owned also by Starbucks. (I loooooovvveee SBC’s peanut butter and chocolate fraps tho!)

And now these two massive bookstores (Borders is #2) may become one? Hmm. I’m not too sure I like that, but if it makes more economic sense — oookkkay. Borders hasn’t been doing so well and has been looking for a sale — so that may help. But many locations have both a Borders and a Barnes and Noble bookstore in close proximity; near my workplace in Washington, DC are two Borders and one Barnes and Noble stores. Near my house in Frederick, MD, there’s a Borders and a Barnes and Noble a couple blocks apart. Many of these may need to be closed, and that means large empty stores throughout the USA. Not good.

I’m sure the combined bookstores will still keep the name Barnes and Noble. Nonetheless, it may be fun to play around and come up with a new name. Got one better than “Borders and Noble?” Hmm.

5 Responses to “Borders and Noble? Barnes and Noble Might Buy Borders”

  1. Lisa C. Says:

    I was not aware of that. I love to browse Barnes and Noble, too. They always have had some books I wanted.

  2. QueenAlpo Says:

    As if we need any more wallet drains. My god.

    IMO Borders’ merchandising, marketing, and pricing don’t hold a candle to Barnes and Noble. And BN is way better at Borders (AND Amazon, even though I’m also an Amazon Primer) at selling me the obscure postcolonial fem stuff I like to read.

    So while it’s a good move for Borders, I don’t understand BN’s logic. Whatever. As long as I have an outlet for my book-whoring vice, I’m happy.

    As for the name? I can’t get BookWhore out of my head at the moment, but how about BBN (secret code for Buy Books NOW)?

  3. Deaf258 Says:

    I like both Borders and Barnes & Noble. Borders sell things that Barnes & Noble do not carry. Barnes & Noble is more organized and books are easier to find. If they merge, would it be a bigger, interesting mess or a spacious, bland mess? I think competition is healthy. A monopolized business is a very boring concept.

  4. Jenny Says:

    That’s very upsetting news to me. BN is a parasitic bookseller, creating “exclusive” deals and steamrolling independents out of business. G-od. I have far more respect for Borders.

  5. Jwhite Says:

    I love BN. Wish they’d move on past the big city, big box concept and do some smaller stores in smaller towns. Something like Subway did.

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