Facebook Privacy: Are Your Photos Private?

May 19, 2008

Facebook LogoI loooove Facebook. And so do many of my friends! In our photo albums, we post photos of our kids, of ourselves (whether it be sunnying ourselves at the beach or something a bit more decent), of our friends, even of our pets doing stupid tricks or just looking cute (come to think of it, so do the photos of our kids).

What many people don’t realize is that each photo album has its own privacy setting. When you first create a photo album — whether it’s your first or 10th — its privacy level is automatically set to “Everyone.” That means everyone can see it. You can choose from several privacy levels: Everyone, My Network and Friends, Only people at your network, Friends of Friends, or Only Friends. You can even customize who can and can’t see these photos. See screenshot below of the page that appears when you create a photo album:

Facebook Create Album Privacy Settings

If you only want your Friends to see these photos, then be sure to select “Only Friends.” Otherwise, everyone and their hairdressers would be able to see YOUR photos even if you’ve got the rest of your profile restricted to Friends only.

You can go back and check the privacy setting of all of your albums all at once via Facebook’s Photos Privacy page. Here, you’ll see a list of all of your photo albums with the option of changing the privacy level of each of these albums. Too bad there’s no option to change all of the albums at once — so if you’ve got 20 albums, it’ll be tedious changing each one individually. Be sure to click on “Save Settings” at the bottom of the page once you’ve changed the privacy setting(s)! Here’s a screenshot of what this page looks like.

Facebook Album Privacy Settings

So, go forth and have fun on Facebook, and be careful with your privacy!

This is part of an on-going series of posts on Facebook privacy.  See related posts on photo albums, profile page, and search options.


103 Responses to “Facebook Privacy: Are Your Photos Private?”

  1. Lisa C. Says:

    Thank you! I didn’t realize that. I just edited them recently.

  2. wendy Says:

    Hi Josh! It’s Wendy (Sunny) … I see pros to privacy settings for each album. There are some albums I may not want everyone or even specific people to see while other albums, I am alright with more eyes looking at. It does become a headache if you have a lot of albums. Is there a solution to this? :)
    *shaking head* Us and our high tech expectations… which is GOOD!! Lol.

  3. Subramaniam Says:

    hi…maybe you can help me with a problem. i’ve got all my albums on ‘friends only’ and when i tag a friend his friends can’t see the tagged pic even.

    but if i switch it to ‘everyone’ or ‘friends of friends’ these friends of friends can now see my ENTIRE album!

    is there some setting which allows friends of friends to see the tagged pic ONLY and not the rest of the album?

  4. Pepe Says:

    Hi! I just wandered if you know something weird that happens with a friend I have. His profile says he has 44 photos, but when I get into his photos’ page, I can only see 22 of them. Do you know why?

    • shaheryar Says:

      may be your friend has made custom privacy on some of hi pics so u were unable to see them

      • chrisk247 Says:

        We’ve sorted the problem now thanks – we checked her privacy settings and I was set to restricted! This meant I couldn’t see her postings, photos and only mutual friends so it was more than just the photos I couldn’t see. Many thanks for your suggestions.

  5. Proud Geek Says:

    Pepe and Sub – I’m afraid I don’t know the answers to your questions. :-(

  6. Subramaniam Says:

    PG: no worries. thanks anyway :)

    Pepe: if you look carefully your problem is the inverse of mine :)

    this happens because someone like me has tagged your friend but marked the album security to ‘friends only’. so those 22 pics won’t be visible to you unless you are also friends with the owner of those albums.


  7. Bombchell Says:

    thanks. I forgot this part, and remembered the whole edit application-> photos etc

  8. twinkle121 Says:

    thanks for the above…you’ve told us how to change the privacy settings for the albums that we create BUT what about when i’m tagged in a pic.
    basically there are somepictures in which i’m tagged that i wouldn’t mind being seen by uni AND work mates….but then there are those certain pics that i’m tagged that i only want uni mates to see.
    so basically is it possible to change privacy settings on the photos ur tagged in?

  9. proudgeek Says:

    Twinkle – good question. I don’t think there’s a way you can override the privacy setting of a photo in someone else’s album, even if you’re tagged in it. You can always remove the tag of you (even in someone else’s album) so people won’t see the “link” to you. But that doesn’t solve the problem of knowing that there are photos of YOU in other people’s albums, unless you ask them to delete these photos …

  10. […] Facebook Privacy: Are Your Photos Private? What many people don’t realize is that each photo album has its own privacy setting. When you first create a photo album — whether it’s your first or 10th — its privacy level is automatically set to “Everyone.” That means everyone can see it. You can choose from several privacy levels: Everyone, My Network and Friends, Only people at your network, Friends of Friends, or Only Friends. You can even customize who can and can’t see these photos. See screenshot below of the page that appears when you create a photo album: (tags: Facebook fye1220 privacy) […]

  11. Doug Says:

    FYI, even “Friends only” isn’t truly private. There’s a “public link” for each album, and anyone who can see that album can send that link to anyone else, who can then view the album without being logged into FB at all.

  12. Stacey Says:

    Great, now they added a ‘Public link’ on each photos page so that there’s no privacy anymore. It doesn’t matter what the privacy setting is, it can always be seen through the public link. :(

  13. Erwin Says:

    Yes, with a brute force attack it should be possible to access albums.
    There are 6 figures for the album ID and 5 hex characters as another parameter.
    It will still take some time…

    But this is so silly to pretend “Only me” can see my photos if it is technically available on the internet.

  14. Susan Says:

    When photos are set to “everyone”, who is “everyone” that can see them?

  15. R. Says:

    Is there any way to remove the public link for albums?
    FB is letting you control almost every privacy aspect within FB and then they post a public link on the web?!

  16. proudgeek Says:

    You folks are right – every photo still has a public link where, if shared with others, anybody can see any of these photos. Very disturbing. Let me see if I can find something to “turn this off.”

  17. johnv Says:

    i dont know if this has been answered but…

    it does not matter that the public link is at the bottom. only you can see it when you’re logged in and only you can pass it around. your friends or others cant

    also if you do give out a public link, it only lasts 4-5 weeks

  18. debbie Says:

    I’m noticing that if I click on comments that my friends have posted to people I’m not friends with…. I can then see their album…. Kind of scary, and hope mine isn’t the same for all strangers to see. I’ve set mine to ‘friends only’, but if someone posts a comment can anyone pull up my album from their wall?

  19. Tona Says:

    I just have an observation: (I think I found a loophole)

    I created an album with very limited privacy (some friends only) and uploaded some pics. The pictures are apparently available to those friends… However, at the bottom of each picture there is a public link to that picture:

    “Show people this album by sending them this public link:http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=….. ”

    Bottom line: Anyone (logged in or not to FB) that gets a hold to this “public link” address can see my picture… why? I thought only my customized set of friends could see them.

    Even though if my pictures are private… there is still a way for anyone in the internet to see them… is this expected functionality? Please advise…

  20. johnv Says:

    tona, only you can see that public link and activate it (by clicking on it). other people viewing your album do not see that option. even if you activate it, its only available for a month or so, and since the web address is so cryptic no one will find the web page (unless you give out the address)

    debbie: all that friends of friends see is the comment, not the pic

  21. Matt Says:

    I have noticed recently that there is a new option to publish photos on my profile. If I have set a photo album to limited privacy settings (such as a custom list), and I publish the photos to my profile, will anyone who can see my profile be able to access that photo album, or will the privacy settings prevent people from clicking into that album?


  22. facebook Says:

    i am putting up an album and have it blocked from a few people. if i tag myself in a few of the pictures and they click on tagged photos of me will they be able to see the tagged photos or will it not show up in tagged photos either?


  23. ... Says:

    if i put a comment on my friend\’s album or picture (which is set to friends only) will it show up to my other friend\’s highlight stuff even if they\’re not on my friend\’s friends list? will they be able to view it? if they can.. that would really suck hehe

  24. facebook Says:

    no, if you are not friends with it will not show up in their news feeds, but they will be able to see the comment if they view the picture through his tagged photos.

    any thoughts on my question anyone? :)

  25. I have just come across your blog and its really great. I am not part of the Face book family, but found this to be very interesting and I am going to share this with my friends that are on Face Book, never really gave it much though whether ones photos would be protected, as any contact that you have can then take and share with whom ever they wanted to. Some food for thought.

  26. AlexG Says:

    If you want true privacy, don’t put your photos on the internet. Isn’t it quite obvious?

    If you want only some people to see your photos that’s one thing, but you can never control what THEY do with the photos.

    If there weren’t a public link people would just do what they did before and right click/download/email or repost.

    Facebook do put a public link because it’s useful. One solution would be for their developers to do create a check to see if this photo has privacy settings of less than “everyone” before putting a public web link, but that defeats the purpose of having a public link which makes it very useful to share photos with people that don’t want to sign up to an online community like facebook, just to view some photos.

    Bottom line, if you have something so private you don’t want it to get out, don’t put it online, or just delete it because there are infinite other possible ways to get hold of it like me hacking your photos folder on your laptop right now! :O Panic?

    Don’t click this link http://www.hackers.com

  27. J Moore Says:

    VERY helpful. Thanks for posting.

  28. J Says:

    Say if I set a photo album only to be viewed by friends on my ‘work’ list/group of friends. Then someone from the ‘work’ list/group of friends comments on the photos. What do people who are my friends but not in the ‘work’ list (so can’t see the photos) and who are also friends of the person who commented see?

    Do they see the ‘Mr X commented on J’s photos’ or does it show the photo, the comment and the name of the album or something in between?


  29. S Says:

    If I set the privacy setting to public will the link still expire after a month or will it stay active?

    For example, if I send a link to a friend who will check out the album once in while.

  30. Caren Says:

    If someone tags a picture of me and it automatically appears on my FB photos page, how can I remove it? I don’t want it there… I don’t see any way to delete it either…

  31. Cristy Says:

    Is there a way to keep people from copying your pictures? I have some friends that copy my pictures and post them to their site. Then, even though I’ve changed my settings so that not everyone can see my pictures, the picture ends up on someone else’s site – negating my efforts!

    *Yes, I could talk to this person and ask that she not do this, but it wouldn’t work. I also can’t defriend this person (relative).


  32. MTC Says:

    “‘Sunnying’ ourselves”? Please tell me that was a careless typo and not actually how you say that phrase.

  33. jaime Says:

    what about this, so i notice that when im not friends with one of my friend friends, I can still see the photo that my friend is tagged on, even though im not friend with the album owner. and i can see the whole entire album when i click on the album name, but thats it, then the rest of his profile is set on private. (and NO im not friends with that person, ONLY with my friend that is tagged on one of the pics in that album) is that because that person set his profile on private but his picture album to “everyone” ? hope you guys know what i mean

  34. Barby Says:

    Hi i copied the link where it says (Share this album with anyone by sending them this public link: at the bottom of each albums and ive notive my friend when she clicked on the link she got access to my profile and was able to see all my post, messages, other albums ect… please help i sent it to 5 diffrent ppl and now im scared they have access to all my private stuff

  35. annoyed Says:


    You make a private album, only viewable by 1 person.

    The problem is if you tag that person, the image shows up on their activity wall where everyone can see it!

    Now, how is that private!?

  36. Nicolas Says:

    Hello, I have a question: when a FB-friend of mine posts a photo on my wall, some of her friends can see that photo and even make comments even though they are not my friends. I have set all privacy settings to “only friends” (for each and every album too) and so has my friend. How is this possible? It can be a real problem some times. Please help if you can. Thanks!

  37. Soffy Says:

    I have this friend of mine (that i know, but i dont have her as a friend on my Facebook)and I made an album, in which she was tagged by another person that we both have as a common friend. So, my album is private, my photos are private. As far as I know, you can not comment on a person’s album if she/he is not your friend, (even if you’re tagged)! So, she was tagged, I dont have her on my facebook (so she wouldnt be able to comment) but though, she did! Is that possible? Or is it just something wrong with my privacy settings?

    Thanks so much for reading. Sorry if you didint understand in some parts, it’s because im not 100% American and my english may suck hehe. But thanks for those who read this!

  38. hd Says:

    Hi! I had some of my photo album privacies set to friends-of-friends..but what if I’ve limited it from a certain friend. Can their friends still see my photos?

  39. Natalie Says:

    I have had a major problem with the privacy of my photos. Even though Im selecting certain groups not to see certain albums… they still can its ridiculous!

  40. Marie Says:

    Hey I’m not sure if this q has been answered yet.

    … But I created an album set to “friends only”, yet it looks like someone who I’m not friends with was able to view the album. This person is friends with my friend who was tagged in the album… Is that why the random person was able to view my pics?

    Confused :S

  41. derrick Says:

    Hey, please help me. I want to delete some of my photos in my album but i have failed. Help me know how i can do that.
    Thank you.

  42. red grant carter Says:

    hi proud geek,

    ummm just wondering, if I upload a pic and put it on friends only, if my friend comments on it, is her friend able to see even like a thumbnail of the pic saying something like ‘…….. commented on a photo’

    thanks very muchly!

  43. Joe Says:

    Not only will they see that photo but they can see all photos in that album. Same if they are tagged in it. Not so private after all!

  44. Igor Says:

    ALL Facebook albums and photos are PUBLIC. They are only “protected” using the security-by-obscurity method, which is really bad. Here is my write-up:

  45. Anna Says:

    I used the privacy for photos on facebook but recently, Ive been adding albums and made sure that only friends cOuld view them .
    But my friend tagged someone in my album who is not on my friend list. I was surprised tO see that he cOuld cOmment on the phOtOs and that means he can view the album. Is it normal?

  46. ella Says:

    if you customize your album and made it into private that only specific people can see, but publish it… will other people still see what you’ve post or just the people whom you want your picture to be shown to??? everyone? or just the people you specified to see the album? thank you…

  47. Hi Anna,

    Yes that is how it works. Also if a friend is tagged into one of your albums or they comment on a photo all their friends can see all the photos in that album even if it is set to only your friends who can see it and they are not even your friends.

    Sucks huh!

    Shame you can’t turn off tagging or commenting on albums.

  48. AOB Says:

    Facebook’s photo ap is ridiculously complicated. If I choose Friends only, everything–even if its tagged and has comments–should be Friends only! And Friends should not be able to Share or take my photo and repost and/or cut and paste. Hacking aside, FB should able to provide this basic privacy. BTW, if I forward the so-called public link to somebody, they MUST log-in to FB. Until they fix this, I don’t use it.

  49. Sapna Says:

    I recently encountered a rather irritating incident. A complete stranger wrote me a mail about my profile picture…and when out of curiosity went to his profile and then his Wall….Lo!! he has ACTUALLY “SHARED” my profile pic to his wall!!! So quickly i go thru all possible Privacy Settings and nothing there to curb this kind of trespassing. If you too go search a friend or say a stranger and click on his/her name u will find a SHARE button right under the picture….right below on left hand side. If u click that SHARE button u can either hav that pic posted on yr wall or even share with your friends….I THINK THIS IS A MAJOR MAJOR FLAW ON FACEBOOK…..I wrote on FB blog and even sent a mail to privacy centre and nothing happened…..So all I could do was to change my original pic and put my Cat’s picture on to my Profile…but how Long??
    I am actually very angry on this…

  50. bola Says:

    please can someone tell me why i cant view my own pictures?i mean i can see them but when i click to enlarge it it doesnt open up..you would think i put security on myself but the box is still underneath for me to comment..its really doing my head in..and i do not know how to contact facebook..and its not just my pics other pple’s pics as well and they didnt put any security for me not to view their pictures…PLSSSS HELP ME!

  51. Meyay Says:


  52. Jess Says:

    Meyay I would love to know that too!! It seems as though it’s a new option on facebook but I can’t work it out.

  53. ME Says:

    If you post a picture but only allow certain individuals to see if and then they repost on their website is it out there now for everyone to see.

  54. Chrissy Says:

    Hi, do have to be tagged specifically speaking,I mean Ive customized it so one person wouldnt see my pictures,and I want to know if they have to be tagged. tanks in advance!

  55. chloe Says:

    Hi, What does ‘Friends of Friends’ actualy mean on the photo privacy setting? Does this mean If a tag a friend in a picture, her friends who I am not friends with can see the whole album? If so what is the difference between the settings ‘Everyone’ and ‘Friends of Friends’? Thank you :) x

  56. tashana Says:

    i want to an privacy my photo please help me to move privacy from my photo

  57. Rick Wright Says:

    Why do we want to stay connected through facebook. There are a host of other social networks like Incliq (www.incliq.com). For instance, Incliq is essentially secure since it never stores a user’s personal data on their own server. The data is encrypted and is served using P2P technology. This is much better than fearing privacy concerns in facebook.

  58. Misty Says:

    How did personal pictures get on my FB page that I did not upload from my personal computer?

  59. elmira Says:

    hi icant see my profile pictures of mine and others any more on face book,in fact icant see any picture of ony one,what can i do?

  60. poly Says:

    Can you please tell me am I allowed to publish any photos accept porn on my facebook
    My friend had a photoshoot of underwear am I allowed to post that pictures on facebook

  61. MamáChanga Says:

    If I specifically customize a photo album to share with only ONE other person & tag them in it, will all of their friends be able to see & comment on said album if they have not set their privacy photo settings to “when tagged photo is private, no one else can see”? If they do have the tagged photos private so that only they can view, does that mean NO ONE else but the 2 of us can see? Thank you in advance for your answer!

  62. MamáChanga Says:

    oh yeah, & say that person or I tag the photo, does that then mean all of their friends can see the comment that I wrote? Again, thanks!

  63. nadine Says:

    wondering does facebook have privacy so no one can comment on my profile pic, not a specific album ??

  64. Susan Says:

    Hi My friend accidentally untagged his name of one of my photos and I want to put the tag back onto it and when I try I keep getting a pink message that says some tags cannot be done at this time.

    What does it mean?

    Thank You

    • proudgeek Says:

      Good question! Try later or refreshing? Change the privacy level on that album? I don’t have a good answer otherwise.

  65. akshita Says:

    is thr a way wherin a specific person nt in ur frnd list can be made to view ur photos?

  66. Emma Says:

    Why has the recent changes in privacy settings meant the some of my albums have changes to public instead of friends only which they were before??????

  67. vibhor Says:

    I can always custom-private and hide my album, But is there any way by which i can hide a couple of pictures in an album from certain people?
    Please mail me at vibhor477@gmail.com

  68. Jt Says:

    I need help with the new privacy settings on facebook!! Before..all my tag photos where marked as ONLY ME, so no one could see them and now everyone can… and I cant find the way to put them back as they where.. anyy suggestions??

  69. […] Facebook Privacy: Are Your Photos Private? В« Proud Geek May 19, 2008 … I thought only my customized set of friends could see them. Even though if my pictures are private… … […]

  70. Kavie Says:

    Hey , the new settings sucks! my friends can’t comment or like my profile pictures but they can see them , how do i fix this so they can comment/like it ?

  71. geekyGurl Says:

    Thanks for this info, albeit unnerving. I noticed that several of my albums –all deleted now — in fact contained one long string (always the same) in addition to my profile id number. Only the middle number was different. Sometimes there was trailing code at the end, but not always.

    I also read somewhere that even if you “delete” your content, it stays on FB’s servers. Since they seem to enjoy changing the rules once you’ve figured out where they put them and managed to make sense out of them, I don’t know if that is still the case.

    For whatever it’s worth, I had an unpleasant surprise this week. I mentioned Firefox — mentioned, as in typed the word Firefox in a post — “word” meaning no auto link popped up and underlined it. Ok so totally unrelated to my post (on my own wall, shared with friens, announcing a FB I created page which worked best if viewed in FF) , I stumbled across FF’s own FB page. But in the menu I saw “Friend activity” and clicked it. I saw my own announcement.

    Pissed and puzzled, I finally realized that some sniffer had sniffed out the word Firefox and allowed it to appear in FF’s page even though one had nothing to do with the other. Where else is my content being exploited behind my back????

    Nutshell: the feelers and sniffers are everywhere. Privacy is dead.

  72. Ann Says:

    I have changed an album to public and when I go to what people can see publicly on my profile it says they can see it but not comment..How can I change it so they can comment

  73. Ruzy Says:

    i want to off download option in my photos. how can i do it?

    • proudgeek Says:

      You mean stop people from being able to download your photos? Does not seem to be a way to stop people from downloading your photos from Facebook :( Some options are to limit who can view them (and excluding certain people from viewing them), using watermarks in your photos, and uploading a smaller size so that high-quality photos are not being downloaded. Hope this helps.

  74. M Says:

    Mine are set to private, only my friends can see it. But when I checked, I did a new account and searched my name. To my surprise, some of my photo albums are viewable by the public! )#%)#**

  75. Shyna Says:

    Is it possible to set certain photos in one photo album so that only one person can’t see it? Really would like to know, please reply. Thanx

    • Shyna Says:

      I ask because my bf has 131 pictures in the album of him, and I can only view 113 of them. I just want to know if there are photo’s he doesn’t want me to see, or if Facebook is just glitching again.

      • proudgeek Says:

        Hi Shyna – wish I knew the answer, but I don’t quite understand Facebook’s convoluted photo privacy settings yet. It does seem odd. I wonder if your bf had assigned some photos to a certain “list” of friends that doesn’t include you. For example, perhaps he has a “list” of “family” or “old high school” friends, and you’re not in that list (not yet!)?

  76. chelsey Says:

    How can I prevent people from sharing a photo that I posted on their page?

  77. Melissa Says:

    Most people don’t know that individual photo “download option” allows anyone who can see the photo to download it and permanently keep it in their own computer. If you have children, think about the pedophile or child pornograhy. Facebook just made it easy for them to have access to our prescious children.

  78. chris247 Says:

    Does customising the settings and restricting someone from viewing photos mean they also cannot see their postings and friends? I cannot see any of my daughter’s postings and photos, other than 1 album and can only see our mutual friends and no postings at all. We cannot figure out where the settings to change this could be and would be grateful for any suggestions please?

  79. chrisk247 Says:

    Any suggestions as not only can I not see my daughter’s photos, other than 1 album, but cannot see her postings and can only see our mutual friends. She is the only friend with this problem and we’ve tried to figure out what settings we need to change and she can’t remember ever making any changes to restrict my viewing her page?

    • proudgeek Says:

      Hmm. Maybe her default album settings are set in some way that it excludes her family? ;-) Have her go to her album that you can’t view, then click the people icon to the right of the title of the album. It opens into a drop-down menu that lists who can view the album – public, friends, friends except acquaintances, only me, and custom. See if it’s set in a way that excludes you (maybe she has you down as an – ahem – acquaintance, or perhaps she has it on custom and had only allowed some groups of friends to view these and not family or whatever).

  80. Sam Says:

    So let me get this straight, the privacy settings i set to an album mean only those people in a particular list i have created to view the album can see them regardless of if people start tagging the pictures? My concern was that even if i make a uni friends only list to view an album, that once people start tagging, then their friends will still be able to view them.

  81. […] Thousands and thousands of teens are providing the internet with revealing photos every day. What a girl sees as cute, may be slutty to their enemy or classmates. Peers may also capture an unintended suggestive photo then post them on comedic websites. What ever the case is, photos of pictures not G rated are being flooded across the internet. […]

  82. ana Says:

    HI , how can i make a tagged photo visible to everyone itf the album is private?

  83. Jobin Joseph Says:

    i have tried set it to Custom and then i tried to change the privacy settings of the album to only me, it is not popping out the list at all.. can anybody tell a resolution for this???

  84. jess Says:

    Hello all… it used to be that I could copy the link at the bottom of the album and share this with people who are not on FB. That link is gone and replaced with the SHARE pull down menu in the top-right corner of an album. This is fine and FB claims on the instruction page that this should work, but when I try to share, it brings everyone to a log-in page. The link is not working for people not on FB.

    Any ideas? Please help! (of course I have written to FB with no answer)

  85. Hello, The problem is that i don’t want any friend to
    download my pictures from my FB account and i heard that their is a
    privacy related this so would you please help me ?

  86. Fgul Says:

    i recently unfriended some one but am still able to see their photos set to custom privacy. When i click on the icon i can see the list of persons who are allowed to see the particular photo and my name is on the top. How is that possible?

  87. mareum Says:

    hi could you help me? the thing is i uploaded a photo album and customized the privacy setting allowing only few people to see it…but one of my friend who i have added on the allowed list shared my album – so the quest is will his entire facebook friends be able to see the pictures or since its customized only the allowed people that he also has on his friends list wud be able to see….cz i thought if i had custom setting then on sharing the album his friends list should not be able to see….

    • proudgeek Says:

      I’m really not sure, but it seems all of his friends are now able to see either all the photos in that album or only those that the friend is tagged in.

  88. Jess Says:

    The problem is that older albums don’t have this option. does anyone else have this problem? :)

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