Gotta Keep Up With The Joneses

May 16, 2008

RoombaI got my beloved a Roomba for Christmas.  At the press of a button, it jigs and jags through our home, cleaning our wooden floors and rugs.  Using its cilia-like brushes, it cleans the edges along the walls.  Using its roller brushes, it sweeps the floor clean of dust, cat hair, crumbs, and any other residues of everyday life.

Plus, it provides minutes of entertainment for our daughters.  Any minute that our daughters are kept occupied is a minute of peace and blessings, indeed.  Until they try to go Roomba-surfing, that is.

Easy life, huh?  I thought we had it made.

Husqvarna Auto MowerUntil last night, that is.  Yesterday, I saw my neighbor’s Husqvarna Auto Mower mowing the grass on its own.

According to its webpage, the Auto Mower is weather-proof, theft-proof, mulches your lawn, silent enough to run during the night, mows up-hill, and is pet-friendly.

Dammit.  I gotta keep up with the Joneses.  I’m going to buy one, even if it breaks our bank account.

Here’s a photo of the Auto Mower at work on our neighbor’s lawn.  (Click for a larger version.)  Double-dammit.

Auto Mowing neighbor's lawn


6 Responses to “Gotta Keep Up With The Joneses”

  1. Chris Says:

    That’s ridiculous!

    A roomba, I understand…but c’mon.

    Why give up the chance to get fresh air and time outdoors? I would get a roomba but not a lawnba.

  2. WAD Says:

    My eyes opened wide when reading. I love my ZTR (zero turn radius) mower. I have one concern. It said it’s weather-proof. I do not encourage cutting the wet grass because it will cake onto the mower especially underneath it. The mower will wear out faster. However it will be light enough for me to flip and remove grass. Hmmm…

  3. proudgeek Says:

    WAD – LOL, that robot looks fun / funny!

  4. Alex Le Says:

    How can it be theft-proof? It’s a moving thing, not tied-up anywhere. Even a dog can get lost some time.

    Btw, Proud-Geek, I’m trying to reach you but can’t find your email anywhere. This is regarding a service that I’m putting together called, which lets users do closed-captioning for youtube videos. It would be awesome if you can visit the site and write a review of it. I’d like to let more people know about it and I’d really appreciate your help.

  5. proudgeek Says:

    Alex – I’ll check tubecaption out – thanks! And theft-proof, only in the sense that if it’s taken, it won’t be operable unless you know the special keypad combination to turn it back on.

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