AT&T Announces Accessible Monthly Rates for the iPhone

April 30, 2008

iPhoneAT&T has announced that it will provide a discounted rate of $40 per month for deaf users of the iPhone. This discount also includes unlimited text messages, unlimited data usage, “Visual Voicemail,” and a rather steep $.40 per minute pay-per-use voice plan. If you wanna get this discount, you’ll have to apply by downloading and filling out a PDF form.

This also coincides with an announcement that AT&T will be offering discounts on new models of the iPhones for the general public starting this summer. These new iPhones will run on the 3G network which is much faster than the “older” data networks — almost as fast as broadband speed, in fact. And the discounts will make these iPhones be as low as $199.

Hmmm. Tempting. I’ve already made my opinions known about the iPhone, but as the iPhone goes through these updates I can be swayed …

(Thanks to David for pointing me to Gizmodo, and to Vadim for being first to let me know about this!)


5 Responses to “AT&T Announces Accessible Monthly Rates for the iPhone”

  1. daveynin Says:

    Keep in mind that $199 is NOT official.

  2. Dennis Bacon Says:

    Question is what is visual voicemail? Does it mean that I sign in video from IPHONE then send email or something like that?

  3. proudgeek Says:

    Dennis – I think it’s just a visual way of managing your voice mail. Each time someone leaves a voice mail, some info (like the caller id, date / time) shows up, and you can flip through each one like index cards on the iPhone. But I don’t think you can see the message itself as text. Someone else, correct me if I’m wrong!

  4. Lenny Says:

    FYI… The TAP for the 3G is 50.00 a month… The 2G is 40.00 a month… I thought I would make that clear before folks end up surprised at the extra $10 a month for the 3G model…


  5. rlay Says:

    disagree that for hearing,month service rate fees are both same iphone 2.5g and new iphone 3g att nccd should give to deaf same tap 40 dollars a month service for both iphone 2.5g and new iphone 3g, just more faster

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