Starbucks Sticking It To You — And About Time!

April 16, 2008

Starbucks Splash Sticks

About time!  Starbucks has added something that I’ve wanted for a long, long time.

Splash sticks.

I’m tired of coffee splashing out of the lil’ hole on top and onto my hand while walking, or all over the cupholder in the car whenever the car hits a bump.  I’m tired of holding napkins onto that lil’ hole and steering one-handed.  But I still want my Starbucks Venti Pike Place Roast coffee.  So I had been putting up with these not-so-little inconveniences.

And now Starbucks has released mermaid-shaped splash sticks.  (I wonder if these mermaids have bare bosoms — not that I’d find them appealing or anything like that.)  They nicely plug the lil’ hole.  Uh, I’m talking about the sticks, not the bosoms.  Double uh, I mean, splash sticks, not that kind of “stick.”  And triple uh, I mean that lil’ hole on top of your drink.  Uh … Never mind.

They should be in your local store soon.  I think customers have to specifically request them.  Be sure to re-use them!

(Thanks, Starbucks Gossip!)


6 Responses to “Starbucks Sticking It To You — And About Time!”

  1. QueenAlpo Says:

    Double — uh… triple? — kudos for all the sneaky entendres you managed to slip in there. And by “slip in there,” I mean…

    *snickers* Never mind, I can’t do it as well as you.

  2. proudgeek Says:

    LOL, Queen! :-) I just realized that I might’ve slipped a couple more in there without realizing it — holding napkins onto or having stuff spill out of the lil’ hole …

  3. sazzybamm Says:

    Haha – I enjoyed reading this. I was wondering what that green thing was on someones drink-hole (*snickers*) in the elevator yesterday. Now I know! Thanks!

  4. Lisa C. Says:

    My husband would like that. I will check with it when I stop by Starbucks to buy a gift card for my note taker.

  5. Hilary Says:

    Came here by way of QueenAlpo. My local (work) Starbucks has a cup of those sticks right by the pick-up counter. :)

  6. […] 10, 2008 Three months after I blogged about Starbucks’ new Splash Sticks, I finally saw these sticks in the Starbucks store next to my […]

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