VPAD Accessories, and the MVP

April 12, 2008

I asked Viable customer service for more info on VPAD accessories.   Viable has a vendor, Clear View, selling “CVI Gear for the VPAD” which includes the VPAD-compatible WiFi USB adapter (Wireless G, 54Mbps data transfer) for $29.99, a small rechargeable two (2) hour battery for $89.99 that can be attached to the VPAD, and a sleek, flexible clamp mount for $79.99 that puts the VPAD at eye-level on a desk.

VPAD customers can order “CVI Gear for the VPAD” at 1-800-351-9578.

Here are the prices again:

  • CVI Flexarm Mount – $79.99
  • WiFi Adapter – $29.99
  • Rechargeable Battery – $89.99

I know some people will complain that the VPAD is already pricey (whether at the low low price of $99 or at the full price of $699), and that these accessories will only make the price question worse. But I think this makes perfect sense. For too long, our equipment has been heavily subsidized — whether from the state or Federal government or from the companies themselves. The deaf community is reaching a point where we can be economically self-sufficient, and the pricing of the VPAD and its accessories reflects this. Plus, it speaks volumes for Viable’s business sense to be able to offer its services at a price — it would allow Viable to develop multiple business platforms instead of just relying on FCC for Video Relay Service funds.

Wonder if Viable will offer discounts on packages in the future (i.e., some money off if you buy a VPAD with a mount, wifi adapter, and battery) …

There has been numerous comments about the MVP (Mobile VideoPhone) being planned and tested by HOVRS.  Apparently, the MVP will include WiFi and battery, rather than them being sold separately.  I’m gonna try my best to get more info on this and pass this on to you folks.


11 Responses to “VPAD Accessories, and the MVP”

  1. Shawn R. Says:

    I wondered if there was an official announcement about MVP made by HOVRS. Surprisedly, I have not seen it. I understand it was word of mouth.

    Shawn R.

  2. Robert Says:

    Clear View Innovations (CVI) Website: http://www.clearviewinnovations.com/

    I know that business. They’re good people but their Website is a sight for sore eyes needing upgrading in a fashion commensurate to whatever they have to offer through businesses such as Viable.

    Needless to say but first impressions count. Unfortunately, Viable’s products aren’t shown on this Website. We need to see something online if not in person before buying accessories. We’ve had bad experiences with accessories for pagers and what not. Enough!

  3. CheckThisOut Says:

    MVP’s definitely real. http://youtube.com/watch?v=T5W_xU9RjZM

  4. dog food Says:

    it says alot that HOVRS is not releasing the MVP until it’s completely finished with testing and preparing.

  5. FER SURE Says:

    MVP definitely includes battery and wifi ability that for sure! they have been showing it off at private vip gatherings at DeafNation and I was able to see it. I also have seen VPAD.. I would pick MVP over VPAD because of few things MVP is smaller than VPAD, and more portablity !

  6. Jerold Says:

    hey where do i get vpad video battery cant fine battery on computer please where do i get it

  7. Brenda Minshew Says:

    Where can i get WiFi Adapter for my VPAD?

  8. Jerry Clabough Says:

    How can i buy WiFi adapter $29.99 and rechargeable battery box $89.99 for my VPAD? I wonder that WiFi wireless have already with modem? And i did check online and nothing there and not show up and where can i find order equipment thing and nothing there. If that true i should not get VPAD.

  9. J. Robinton Says:

    You can get the VPad accessories at http://www.clearviewinnovations.com/products01.html

  10. Mary Burris Says:

    I called to clearview innovations and was plan buy wifi adapter and battery.
    They say not have ready yet people to buy. I think is awful we buy Vpad and can not use wifi. They say not known when can send. Maybe 1 month or longer. That not right Viable sell VPad and must use only RJ11 hook direct and no wifi
    I not like false talk order online and they not know when can send. They have none ready same battery not ready. I think I will send my 2 VPads back for refund.


    Hello my names Taneisha Blake . but i have one old Vp200 . bec I think about this want want one new MVP

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