VPADs for $99! VPADs for $99!

April 10, 2008

(EDIT 10:30am: Some more information from Viable — see new blog post.)

Better sign up now for a DeafNation Expo near you! Viable VPADs will be sold at the next several DeafNation Expos for just $99, down from the full price of $699.

And Viable has confirmed that these aren’t pre-orders. People will be actually walking out with honest-to-gosh VPADs!

Viable also confirmed that this special offer is limited to one per person. If you want to buy a second VPAD, it’d cost a whopping $699.

I contacted a friend who lives near Pomona, California where the next Expo will take place this Saturday and asked him to get me TWO and ship them to me! But that was before I found out about the one-per-person limit. Dang.

Those of you who are getting VPADs this weekend – I truly envy you.

A friend of mine is thinking of flying out from DC to an upcoming DeafNation Expo just to get one of those VPADs sooner.

And Viable? You’d better stock up. You’re gonna sell out.



11 Responses to “VPADs for $99! VPADs for $99!”

  1. anonymous Says:

    well MANY people will be disappointed.

    I am beta tester- I was told by a THIRD PARTY (someone else) that beta testing has been stopped.

    I was not informed, the VPAD is not ready for prime time IMHO, it needs more tweaking, more feature editing, and many other things..

    I feel they will be sorely disappointed, well the 99 buck deal just that so they wont feel too burnt when they dislike their VPAD

    again.. I DO have a VPAD, and I am using it daily – but less and less FYI.

  2. […] 10, 2008 A follow-up to my post earlier this morning about the VPADs going on sale for $99 this Saturday.  Viable says this $99 discount (down from […]

  3. jj Says:

    Very funny, down from $699 to $99 tells you a lot! It’s all crap.

    Two friends had told me that they were not pleased how vPad has performed.

    They are trying to collect the money from people to compensate the loss in the company’s money on development/research.

    And, I am sure that people do not realize that the wireless is not part of the vpad! It is only an optional. If you really want to have it wireless, you must pay more!

  4. Nesmuth Says:

    $99 from $699 tels me something’s funny with the product itself. Its likely a skeleton and if you’d want more features to go with it, it’ll cost you a bundle.


  5. Wait for MVP Says:

    Don’t waste $99 on the VPAD. Use it toward your credit card debt, groceries, the mortgage, etc. Wait for the MVP from http://www.hovrs.com – its free and 10x better than the VPAD.

  6. hmmm Says:

    The vpad is considered “wireless” but you must always plug into an AC output in the wall to power it up. It’s a little tricky for people to call it wireless when they really mean it can connect on wifi, but you still have that darn wire to plug into the wall, so is it really wireless?

    This is in the FAQ and yeah you have to buy other stuff, I assume a wifi router and a wifi card for the vpad to be connected via wifi. However, wouldn’t it be good as a stand alone device with the power plug and a long internet cord to set up where you want to talk with others on a vp?

  7. DeafEngineer Says:

    This $99 VPAD is really a stationary videophone with an AC power adapter and Ethernet cable much like an OJO VP because there will be NO rechargeable battery build-in and optional wireless network module card in the $99 VPAD device. You should think twice about it before you make a decision on whether or not you want to buy it for $99.

  8. dog food Says:

    yeah.. and the mvp is free and a heck more mobile than this silly hyped up and fishy vpad. maybe they should’ve spent less time designing and marketing and more time making a quality equipment.

  9. Bobby Says:

    Buy VPAD for your hearing family members!

    Get MVP for yourself!

  10. lisa gray Says:

    my son Joshua is deaf and i wanted to get him the vpad for Christmas but i am having problems trying to purchase it is there any information that you could help me with.

  11. proudgeek Says:

    Hi Lisa – yes, you can sign up for a free account at viable.net, get a VSN (Viable screen name) and a 10-digit number, and then purchase a new VPAD+ through this account for $99 each. It works wonderfully well!

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