Starbucks Handing Out FREE Samples of New Coffee

April 8, 2008

Pike's Place Roast coffeeStarbucks is handing out free tall cups of its newest coffee, Pike’s Place Roast. Better get yours soon (like in the next several minutes!) before this promotion ends!  I believe it’s being handed out free for a short time (like a half hour) starting at noon in your time zone, but check with your local Starbucks.

I have mine in hand (well, I put it down to type this), and I can pronounce it as smoother and more tasty than the other roasted coffee Starbucks regularly serves. Good job, Starbucks!

10 Responses to “Starbucks Handing Out FREE Samples of New Coffee”

  1. Lisa C. Says:

    I received the card saying to bring it to our neighborhood starbucks every Wednesday now thru May 28th and receive a free tall cup.

  2. proudgeek Says:

    Lisa C – Is it good EVERY Wednesday till May 28th, or only good one time and only during those Wednesdays? If EVERY Wednesday, then boy am I jealous! :-P

  3. May C Says:

    It’s times like these when I wished I were living in Seattle. Er, okay, maybe not. I have always associated with Seattle, probably because it’s one of the closest US cities to Vancouver and it’s very similar to Vancouver.

    I hope that when the Pike’s Place Roast comes up to Canada that Starbucks will offer the same to us up there. Heck, I’m a shareholder and I think I deserve some good stuff some times. At least this year, they stopped getting cheap and gave me back a free drink rather than the crappy 2 drip coffee coupon from the year before. I was so fumed about that!

  4. proudgeek Says:

    Hi May — Actually, you know what? I got my sample in DC, so it looks like it’s pretty much country-wide or at least in major cities. Try going to your local Starbucks and see if you can snag a tall cup of Pike’s Place Roast. And let us know how it goes!

  5. Lisa C. Says:

    Proud Geek,
    The back of the card says” Bring this card into your neighborhood Starbucks every Wednesday now through May 28, and receive one tall (12 fl oz)cup of Pike Place Roast on us.” Try taking your card there and see if they let you keep the card meaning you bring the same card and get the free coffee every Wed or if they take it away from you meaning one time. Let me know what they do to your card. I don’t coffee and I’ll pass my card to my hubby who loves drinking coffee.

  6. proudgeek Says:

    Lisa — Oh, your husband is one lucky guy. I didn’t get a card – I only got a free tall cup as I walked by the counter.

  7. Lisa C. Says:

    My card came in with this morning newspaper. You better check before you toss them into the trash or end up climbing into the dumpster. (chuckle)

  8. proudgeek Says:

    What!? In the newspaper!? (Diving into the nearest newspaper recycling bin) Ha. I don’t do newspapers anymore – I don’t like ink on my fingers and I get all my news from the Internet. Thanks for the tip, tho – I’ll keep my eyes open.

  9. Lisa C. Says:

    Try taking a walk in the neighborhood and you will find the newspaper on someone else’s driveway and grab it. Poeple don’t pick up their newspaper till they are in mood in reading them. We will unsubscribe our newsper this coming Fall because we nearly don’t have time reading them after work/school.

  10. May C Says:

    Sorry, when I said Vancouver, I really meant, Vancouver, BC, Canada. I actually live way up north of Vancouver Canada so it’s not feasible for me to drive 12+ hours to Seattle for the coffee.

    I asked a barista about Pike’s Place Roast and she didn’t know what I was talking about, so it will be a while. Didn’t they offer it sometime last year as one of those special limited edition roasts they offer, like their anniversary blend? If I recall, it was okay. I like stronger tasting coffee like the French and African blends, so even Pike’s Place Roast will likely not appeal to me too much.

    If I recall, they were trying to appeal to those who just like a generic tasting coffee.

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