Facebook Adds Chat

April 7, 2008

Facebook LogoFacebook just added a new function where you can chat via instant messaging with any of your 1,273 Facebook friends.

It’s not yet available to everyone — and if you have it already, I’m jealous like heck but feel free to brag about it in the comments.  On the other hand, it should be coming to your Facebook account over the next several days.

As far as I know, it doesn’t “cross over” with AIM / Yahoo / etc, but I wonder if it will in the near future.

(Thanks, TechCrunch / Inside Facebook!)


3 Responses to “Facebook Adds Chat”

  1. Toby Says:

    Hi I know your boyfriend, Alex (I believe that is his name). I have been reading your blog for a while. I thought I would mention two IM platforms that you probably would like to try out:

    Babuki (Adobe Air app)

    You can access to use Facebook and ‘cross over’ with AIM, Yahoo, MySpace, MSN, ICQ, Google Talk, and LiveJournal. It is nice. However, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t work due to heavy traffic…I also believe it has few bugs as well.

    Social.IM (via Facebook app) [http://apps.facebook.com/socialim/?invite=1&client=1]

    You can download to the desktop once you add the app into Facebook. It doesn’t ‘cross over’ with any other IM or Social Network.

    Happy surfing.

  2. Toby Says:

    Oops, I mean Barry. Not Alex.

  3. proudgeek Says:

    Ha, nice to meet you Toby, and nice to hear from “fans!” And it’s funny, it’s not the first nor the second time my boyfriend had been referred to as Alex! I think quite a few folks get Alex (a friend of ours) and Barry mixed up.

    Thanks for the links to these two other IM platforms. I also know of Meebo (www.meebo.com) which I think is awesome and which has a Facebook app as well. However, I’m really curious whether Facebook’s new chat feature will take users away from these third-party apps in droves. I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens — because who wants to install third-party applications if Facebook is already providing something that’s useful? Then again, enough people will still use these third-party apps just for the cross-over appeal (being able to use AIM / Yahoo / etc) to make them useful till Facebook makes even that obsolete.

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