Feelin’ Some Punchy Love

March 4, 2008

MyPunchbowl logoI’ve long touted MyPunchbowl as the premiere online party-planning destination.  Its interface is snazzy and cool and clear – especially compared to tired, ad-bloated Evite.  MyPunchbowl boasts a few functions not found elsewhere, like its colloborative pick-a-date feature.

Recently, MyPunchbowl outgrew its old headquarters and moved to larger digs.  Matt, MyPunchbowl founder, then did a blog post asking MyPunchbowl fans to help make its new place more green.  So, I FTD‘ed (or maybe I 1-800-Flower‘ed) them a nice plant.

(This was so unlike me, I swear.  I’m usually unmoved by pleas for contributions, gifts, love.  I do contribute financially once in a while to a couple of my favorite blogs, but that’s it.  So, I don’t know just what persuaded me to send MyPunchbowl a nice plant.  Maybe MyPunchbowl gave off the right vibe in its green plea.)

Yesterday, MyPunchbowl Matt wrote a very nice blog post personally thanking me and explaining who I am and who my Proud Geek blog primarily serves.  Matt even pointed out one of my favorite blog posts, Doing Everything Online (and made a suggestion about it too).

Nice to feel some love in return.  (Don’t worry, my honey bear boyfriend, you’re still my one and only love, other than our daughters!)  And having just moved to a new house last week, I totally understand the chaos that moving can cause.  Thanks in turn, Matt!  I’m gonna use MyPunchbowl to plan our housewarming party.


3 Responses to “Feelin’ Some Punchy Love”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hey! That’s awesome!

    Hope the move went swell and that the four of you are settled (somewhat) into your new home. I look forward to seeing the place!

  2. Yan Says:

    Hey there! Just wondering if you’ve had a chance to check out the upcoming Planypus redesign? Have a sneak peek here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Planypus/8323387229?ref=s


  3. […] 15, 2008 My favorite party-planning website, MyPunchbowl, just got better. It has partnered with Kayak.com and is now […]

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