RIP Sharper Image

February 22, 2008

Sharper Image logoUnlike my barely controlled glee over CompUSA’s demise, I’m truly sorry to see this one go.

The Sharper Image has filed for bankruptcy.

I grew up thinking that The Sharper Image was the epitome of cool geekiness. Every month, The Sharper Image’s catalog would arrive in the mail, specially addressed to me. Little geeky me! I’d grab it and go to a corner and peruse the goodies contained therein. Shaving mirrors that wouldn’t fog over! (Never mind that I wasn’t old enough at that time to even shave.) Various massaging implements! (Always an exciting topic for a perpetually horny teenager.) Totally cool handy tools! (I so wanted those even though I couldn’t tell a wrench from a plier.) And much, much more!

To celebrate the end of one high school year, I believe my Sophomore or Junior year, I organized a trip with some of my closest friends via Washington DC’s subway to a The Sharper Image store at 14th and F Streets, NW. My, I was in heaven. I’m not sure my friends were on cloud nine, but I’m not talking about them — I’m talking about me. Total rapture for me.

As I grew older, my infatuation with The Sharper Image faded away to a dull but persistent heart-ache. Other stores duplicating The Sharper Image’s wares cropped up everywhere. And when I began my Federal government job a mere block or two away from the same The Sharper Image store at 14th and F, I only paid it a visit once or twice before it closed down several years afterwards.

So, I’m truly sad to see The Sharper Image fade away. I feel like a piece of my childhood’s going away as well. :-(

Waitamin, the press release announcing the bankruptcy filing states that “[t]he Company intends to continue to conduct business as usual while it devotes renewed efforts to resolve its operational and liquidity problems and develops a reorganization plan.”

Maybe there’s hope yet. Anybody wanna join me on my next pilgrimage to The Sharper Image?

One Response to “RIP Sharper Image”

  1. Bill Says:

    I used to read the Heath catalog and I had could locate just about any product in the Radio Shack catalog in a few seconds.

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