Why I’ve been silent so long

February 21, 2008

Hi folks!  I’ve not blogged for over a month.  Two big reasons why.

Moving:  My family and I finally sold our house, after 7 months on the market.  We’ve been packing and will be moving next week.  Wish us luck!

Free time (what’s left of it): My partner and I both noticed that when we’re on the computer at home, either during the evenings or in between tasks during the day, we become impatient with each other and with our children.  We’ve cut back on our computer use — and you know what?  We’ve got more time, more energy, and more patience with each other and our children.  I’ll be continuing this by spending much less time on the computer than I used to.

With that said …  I miss blogging.  And I miss you folks.  I’ll get back to blogging, although not on as regular a basis as I used to.

See you soon!


7 Responses to “Why I’ve been silent so long”

  1. Bill Says:

    Family? Where are your priorities? What about your friends and fans!

    Good Luck!

  2. proudgeek Says:

    Thanks, Bill! :-)

  3. Cousin Vinny Says:

    I’m glad to see you selling your house in this difficult real estate market. I hope things turned out the way you and Barry wanted. Best of luck on your new move.

  4. LaRonda Says:

    Good for you. Got your priorities straight. Very admirable. :)

    ~ LaRonda

  5. Belle Says:

    Awww, I’ll miss my favorite PC guy to pick on. ;) One way to approach this might be to think of blogging as a job with set hours in the day – or week. In the end, though, I agree with LaRonda :)

  6. twallclimber Says:

    best of lucks in the future. yea family always comes first. i had my own blog website in late 90s and early 2000s and i gave up for my family.

  7. Lauren Says:

    Congrats on selling the house!!! I know that’s a huge weight off your shoulders now. Now tell us about the new house. Our house has similar rules about computer time and it really made a positive difference.

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